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  1. Hi, Justin. No worries. Thanks for all your hard work on the client. Hi, Josh. I thought I had ForeFlight with traffic working in P3D with vPilot, but I could be mistaken. It could have been AivlaSoft's EFB, which I used for a few years. In any case, I did a bunch of testing this afternoon using different versions of XP11 -- 41 and 50b9 -- and the beta and alpha versions of xPilot. Here's what I found out: ForeFlight will show all stock AI traffic in XP with proper altitude, speed, N-number, vectors, and color-coding (brown for ground traffic, blue for aircraft in flight). I doubl
  2. Hi, Justin. Any idea on this one? It's a fresh install of 11.5 beta and latest xPilot alpha. Thanks in advance : )
  3. Hi, folks. Love Xpilot. I've got a strange problem. New install of 11.50 beta and the latest Xpilot alpha. I can see planes on the ground, but not in the air on ForeFlight. I do not have "hide distant traffic" enabled in FF. Does anyone have any ideas why I can't see in-flight traffic? Also, I verified there was no traffic showing on FF during while I was in the air and surrounded by plenty of traffic. Okay, thanks in advance for any and all help with this. I hope it's something easy : ) p.s. In the first screenshot, you can see planes at KALB at the gate and taxiing (brown arrows and vec
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