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  1. Last week, I have been controlling a few sessions at Amsterdam Radar with nobody below me. I noticed that at least 4-5 pilots had the same problem. All of them did a turnaround without restarting vPilot, just changing the callsign. The moment after they release their PTT (for asking the IFR Clearance), they can't hear anything. In all cases I had to tell everybody to restart vPilot to solve the problem.
  2. Yesterday, I once again did 2 flights, but this time, I have a debug log from when I switched to EDMM_1_GND with my first callsign. This time, I was again flying with somebody else, and I asked him if he could listen to some static sound (just keep the mic open for 2 seconds), which he could hear. I did this at Line 1135. [21:27:02.722] Push to talk state changed: True https://pastebin.com/FnWPacWi
  3. Yesterday, I once again did 2 flights, and this time I'm not the only one with the problem. Here is the debug log (I started it shortly after having the problem as I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed the problem was solved a few flights before) https://pastebin.com/WU9z3Yz4 This is what I did: I logged in with a different callsign I heard everything normal (busy frequency), then, at some point I asked IFR Clearance According to a friend of mine, the controller was giving the IFR Clearance, however, I couldn't hear anything. I restarted vPilot, called him again, now I can hear him
  4. In the previous days, I have been doing multiple flights (3) with different callsigns. However, I noticed a (new?) problem! In all cases, the first time that I talk with my second callsign, and ATC starts responds, my connection to the voice server seems to be broken! According to vPilot, the TX and RX buttons are lit (that you are connected to the frequency), however, the frequency itself changes from blue to white (not connected). Also, I never heard the 'disconnected' sound. This all was fixed by restarting vPilot. Do you need a logfile and/or video showing this issue?
  5. I just tested and I confirm that the issue has been resolved, thanks Ross!
  6. I just tested and I confirm that the issue has been resolved, thanks Ross!
  7. Topic created, we'll see what happens... viewtopic.php?f=132&t=72940
  8. Since the begin of when vPilot released (maybe this issue is also still in SquawkBox / FSInn), I noticed something odd when changing callsigns. I notice that after a pilot changes callsign without restarting vPilot, the callsign doesn't get updated in the voicelist of Euroscope (see the link below). However, if a pilot first restarts vPilot, then connect with a different callsign, the callsign in the voicelist does gets updated. Is it possible for the callsign to get updated in the voice server, without restarting vPilot? Another controller already opened up a topic on this issue viewt
  9. In vPilot, if you disconnect, and change callsign, the callsign in the voice list never updates. However, if you close vPilot, then restart it, and connect with a different callsign, it gets updated... Maybe it's a problem within vPilot?
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