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  1. Interesting! I'm flying the x737 for X-plane 10.
  2. I'm flying a B737 around Europe, and QNH is constantly given in hPa, but the altimeter in the Boeing is in inHg. Do you guys constantly convert with a calculator on the fly? And is this what real-world pilots do, too? Best regards, Steen
  3. I've read that the flight plan should be filed both on https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php and in XSquawkBox. Is this true? If so, is there an easy way to enter the flight plan into XSquawkBox? I can't paste text into the route field - I have to type the entire route in manually. Is this what other people do? Also, if ATC requests that you change the flight plan and send it again, do they mean the one on https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php or the one in XSquawkbox or both? Best regards, Steen
  4. I know VATSIM recommends vRoute for route planning, but unfortunately, I'm using linux, so I can't run vRoute. I've read somewhere that you can use http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/ to find a route. This has worked fine for at couple of nights, but this time it failed me. I needed to find a route from EKYT to EKCH - the result was this: https://i.imgur.com/GL6m1R8.png When I requested IFR clearance, I was told that this is the wrong route from EKYT to EKCH, but this is what RouteFinder gave me. Is RouteFinder not to be trusted, and what should one use instead? Best regards, Ste
  5. Thank you for all your kind replies! The controller who lectured me was neither arrogant nor grandstanding, just - stern. He made me feel like a fool, which I was, so that's only fair As for your fine suggestions, VAT-Spy is Windows-only, and I'm running Linux. Accomeap and VATtastic look nice! I'll definitely check with those next time! And - sorry I have to ask this: If I want to take off from an unmanned airport within a controlled area, I contact that area controller for IFR clearance, taxi, push&start and departure, right?
  6. I just finished a flight where I took off from what I thought was an uncontrolled airport while on unicom. I announced all my actions on unicom. I then saw a text message from a center controller, asking me to contact him on frequency. I did, and was told that it was not okay to just take off on unicom in controlled airspace. I've read in many beginners' guides that it is important to check if the relevant airspace is controlled or not. However, I've read nowhere how to do that. So - If I want to fly though some airspace, how do I know if it's controlled or not?
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