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  1. If utilizing the old school PM vATIS “SUBSCRIBE” to get notified of changes instead of the .trackatis function... I will be in the middle of typing a command in vERAM and will get an ATIS update notification PM and my cursor will snap over to that message box. This really messes with a workflow. Is there any way in your next update push, this can be remedied to act like a normal PM from a controller? (I have never been able to get .trackatis to work so I am not sure if it does the same thing or not)
  2. Are you using the GeoMapSetEditor.exe to import the coordinates?
  3. Haha... a large portion of ZLC are now using it at the lower levels, as it works just fine for those positions and it gets them ready to use it comfortably in the enroute environment. We are developing our vSTARS facilities and will be offering that as well soon. We will have them reduce the visibility range until this can be checked out in your code. Thanks! 🙂
  4. 20 miles. Should he take it lower?
  5. Some of our local controllers like to use vERAM when working TWR and below. I have noticed that when GND is the one that assigns the beacon code (during clearance delivery or some other time while the aircraft is still on the ground) and DEP terminates the track later on, it defaults back to GND tracking them. Is there a way to create an exception that won't allow GND or DEL positions to track the target once it is dropped by someone else?
  6. contact your Local Facility Engineer. It depends on how they set it up.
  7. If that is what you get from these past couple of posts, then it is clear you haven’t read and understood the intent of this thread.
  8. Happiness and enjoyment for ATC is clearly not in the thought process here or else we would have a more approachable response than just "we aren't restricting it".
  9. "There are currently no plans to restrict /t." I appreciate the opportunities this network has afforded me but honestly this type of mentality is why it took 17+yrs to get something like AFV, and then when we finally got it, a new policy was put out to restrict the level of usefulness of it by no longer allowing us to simulate frequency changes between the delegated facilities below an FIR/ARTCC. A productive response to this would be "There seems to be interest in changing this, let us discuss this and see if we can find a way to increase the enjoyment for everyone involved."
  10. Ah... so there is no easy way to avoid this?
  11. I am posting here in General because it does not seem to be RADAR client specific as it happens if I am using VRC, vERAM, or vSTARS Over the past month or so the following bug seems to haunt me almost every controlling session. . Controller A reaches out to me and asks me to drop my track on a target. I look at the track FDB and it says that it is being tracked by Controller B (and sometimes Controller A that is trying to GET the target track). Just to make sure, I do a .own command on it and it confirms that Controller B or another controll
  12. This has been confirmed: The 4th line data is overwritten by the last Scratch or Free Text Form entry. Sorry, I had a complete misunderstanding of that.
  13. I'm able to get an easier-on-the-eyes setup for the map but when I jump to another tab/menu... well... it hurts my day-sleeper eyes lol Could we get a "Dark Mode" of sorts for menus and all, please?
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