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  1. Ah... so there is no easy way to avoid this?
  2. I am posting here in General because it does not seem to be RADAR client specific as it happens if I am using VRC, vERAM, or vSTARS Over the past month or so the following bug seems to haunt me almost every controlling session. . Controller A reaches out to me and asks me to drop my track on a target. I look at the track FDB and it says that it is being tracked by Controller B (and sometimes Controller A that is trying to GET the target track). Just to make sure, I do a .own command on it and it confirms that Controller B or another controll
  3. This has been confirmed: The 4th line data is overwritten by the last Scratch or Free Text Form entry. Sorry, I had a complete misunderstanding of that.
  4. I'm able to get an easier-on-the-eyes setup for the map but when I jump to another tab/menu... well... it hurts my day-sleeper eyes lol Could we get a "Dark Mode" of sorts for menus and all, please?
  5. Ross I’m happy to hear you are advocating for this. It would be pretty cool to also have it restrictive like real world... for example, there is no “scratch/4th line” transfer to other non-ERAM facilities in real world. The receiving computer must be ERAM to get that data. This goes for things like “VFR/OTP” as the cruise altitude too. Thanks for your attention to this matter, Ross!
  6. Let me get confirmation before I give you a definitive answer.
  7. I am sorry but it's late and I don't know how to word this simply without a scenario. CID: 658 QS 270/210 658 The aircraft now has a heading of 270 and Speed 210 assigned and I see it in Field F. QS `TESTTEXT 658 The aircraft now has TESTTEXT as the 4th Line Data in Field F. I no longer see H270 S210. It appears that the 4th Line Data overwrote the Scratch data. It is my understanding that the 4th Line Data and the Scratchpad are two separate things, but I may be wrong. If that is true, why does 4th Line Free Form Text and Scratch data overwrite e
  8. Does anyone happen to know the maximum number of .FF values vERAM can accept in a single command? I am considering creating an alias command that will perform the .FF command to populate hundreds of fix items. I know in VRC the max is something like 69 but in vERAM it is a bit more of a job to conduct a test for this than it was in VRC. So, I figured I would ask the all-knowing inter-web first.
  9. Ah. Thanks for the quick reply. Where's the petition to sign? lol
  10. QZ VFR in the DB doesn't transfer to another vERAM client. The receiving ATC only sees the cruise altitude that was there beforehand. Attempted inter and intra-facility. Is this something that can be fixed in an update?
  11. Daneel, Nikolas Boling and I are working on a Script to fix this. We have it done already but just piecing it all together. It will automatically and accurately handle East longs (at least in VRC). At the time of this comment, I am waiting to hear back if a W180.00.00.001+ coordinate will be accepted by vERAM. If so, then we are good to go and will be putting an .exe or something together to get these coordinates converted. Watch this project for updates: https://github.com/KSanders7070/NASR_2_SCT
  12. Sorry for posting in the ERAM area but this mainly deals with vERAM and vSTARS users and there isn't a “General” support area for radar clients. Working on a program that parses all of the FAA NASR data and puts it into SCT2 format. One of the issues I have run into is East longitude values (points between E000.000.001 and E179.59.59.999) that say, those in Anchorage would think would be displayed to the left of their scope. (ELVEK, SYA, and ADK for example). When loaded into VRC, it places these points onto the right side of the display (just right of the m
  13. Just happened 10min ago: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 predicate) at GeoVR.Client.ReceiverSampleProvider.AddSilentSamples(IAudioDto audioDto, UInt32 frequency, Single distanceRatio) at GeoVR.Client.SoundcardSampleProvider.AddOpusSample
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