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  1. Hi, I often confuse about IFR flight plan when I start from small, UNCONTROLLED airport. For example I fly from CSU3 to KMPV on Baron 58. When I tried to use Skyvector bc it showed me: JUTEK V487 BTV Is it OK?
  2. Update. Well I discussed about this not only here.... Well we reached a real pilot, who flies GA often in this region. He said that local traffic must be warned via UNICOM and if it IFR then a pilot should be in contact with Center or Approach. It is logically bc we will use routes. About local traffic it is very important in the real life. I have some experience when I went for paragliding I had two dangerous air proximities with Yak-18s (two, in formation) and L-410. It was my (our) fault in both cases Here, in Montreal area when I flew on a glider we often miss visually GA t
  3. UPDATE! I tried to fly yesterday from CSU3 to KMPV and CYUL APP was opened. According our talking here + my friend (from IVAO) and he is real pilot who flies here, I expected that a controller will ask me to switch UNICOM after the clearance and then switch back to APP frequency after taking off. But he didn't ask me to use UNICOM we stayed on CYUL APP frequency all the time until I left Canada airspace. Well, I couldn't aware all local pilots in CSU3 (VFR mainly) about my taxiing, take off etc bc I stayed with him on his CYUL APP frequency. This situation confused me more Any
  4. Yes, I am talking about "non-towered" small airports or even airfields. As I well understood, I should warned a center controller for my IFR clearance before take off - right? Additionally I need to use UNICOM also - to warn other local pilots too - right? For IFR from a small airport which is located in airspace Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] G: 1. I ask a center controller for clearance and he will give me squak code 2. I use UNICOM for taxiing and take off 3. After take off I contact to the center controller and stay in contact with him until he/she will ask to change frequency (UNICOM,
  5. Hi, I little bit confusing about a situation when I take off from a small airport. I have some questions: Situation 1. I take off (IFR) from a small airport which is located in a big X Center area. When I taxiing and take off, I use UNICOM. After take off when I need to contact with X Center controller (time, alt, etc)? Or do I need to contact with him before take off? Situation 2. I took off from a small airport and after 10 mins I enter an approach zone. How I need to contact with a controller? Like this - "X approach, Cessna alpha bravo charlie, heading to airport x " or I nee
  6. Hi, We would like to create new VA and we have some questions: 1. Is there an obligation to create a roster section or a list of pilots on our site? 2. If we will create a roster section/a list of pilots - should we include REAL NAMES in the list or we can put just VATSIM IDs? 3. Is it obligation to use statistic or our flights for VATSIM? I.e. to prove that our VA is active and/or for other reasons. Questions regarding the VA [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate Policy: 4. In section 2.2 - "Audit every 60 days". What exactly audit will check? Please do not answer "all requirements" or in suc
  7. Hi all, It is still actual... I am looking for a person who wants to fly DC-3/ C-47. We can fly VFR or IFR for long distance at the first. Or we even can meet and try to follow starting procedures according DC-3's check list (I will give it to you). Don't hesitate if you not familiar with the aircraft - I will teach you or we will study it both You should have: 1. X-Plane 11 2. Smart CoPilot plugin for X-Plane 11 3. DC-3/C-47 model for X-Plane 11 (vSkylab). If you don't have DC-3, we can start with an aircraft of GA like Baron 58 or something like this. Please cont
  8. I just not believe! It happened after many years! I had that "stupid" questions too but I hesitated to ask it due to ... previous reactions from members... lol
  9. Hi, I looking for someone for shared cockpit flights. I prefer DC-3 VSkylab for crewed flights - this old machine with its "old style semi-autopilot" is super for team work! But we can use other plane. I have TeamSpeak server for chatting during a flight. If you interested - PM me. regards, Alexander Below you can see picture from a flight with friend in shared cockpit along one route of ALSIB -
  10. Hi all, We have an project dedicated to Victory day in our group (https://virtual-pilots.com/alsib-alaska-siberia-bridge-x-plane-11/). And we consider to fly in the Vatsim network on DC-3 (crew/shared cockpit). Unfortunately not all our members can play 5h in the front of their families For this reason, we have to divide a long ~5h flight into two or more parts. So we need to pause and save the flight (situation) and resume the flight later (next day or more). Questions: 1. Is it possible to resume previous (saved) flight in the air? 2. As I understood we cannot use a pause wh
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