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  1. Joined - thank you so much, Justin. If I understand this right, this new (.33) version should reduce crashes, but if it still crashes, the log will at least have more info, and I should post that info in your linked post? Would the crash happening in the same spot indicate it possibly crashed x miles from the airport that had a plane on the ground that screwed it up? Both crashes happened at right around 100nm out of KDEN (with traffic in the air and ground).
  2. Hey Justin, I love xPilot and have never had any issues... so this may be something else, but 2 nights in a row I've flown the same route, and it X-Plane crashed at the same place. The first time, the log didn't seem to say what it was... so I tried again tonight. This time the last line of log is --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: xPilot 1.3.32}==-- Very strange! I was thinking it had to be scenery/ortho corruption or something, as I've flown this route before multiple times and no issues, but now twice in a row. Hope you can shed some light! Note: I have
  3. Noticed this tonight too, haha. Surprisingly there was tons of people flying in North America, but a large shortage of ATC... and when I was departing out of KLAS, center happened to be on and it seemed most people he was calling were having trouble listening/responding... so I think the people flying were mostly glued to their TVs anyways haha. Easier to fly without paying any attention than controlling
  4. Off topic, but I was just curious about this, as I didn't realize controllers could see who was on their freq - does this only apply if you are tuned in on your active com or also if you're just listening in on com 2 as well? Also, I love this thread, great stories, haha.
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