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  1. I recently updated swift and XSwiftBus, but now my X-Plane crashes once I start swift. The error in swift: Severity: error Categories: BlackSimPlugin::XPlane::CSimulatorXPlaneListener|BlackCore::ISimulatorListener|QObject In the big field that has no title: Connection to XSwiftBus successful, but could not initialize XSwiftBus. Check X-Plane Log.txt Log.txt: xswiftbus XSwiftBus configuration: xswiftbus DBus mode: P2P xswiftbus DBus server address: xswiftbus DBus server port: 45001 xswiftbus XSwiftBus started. FlyWithLua Info: Searching for Lua quarantined script
  2. Okay so I have some strange voice issues in euroscope, any help would be appreciated. When I am controlling on VATSIM, suddenly some AC can call me, but can't hear me - som AC I can't hear and they can't hear me either. This happens a few minutes (0-60 min) after I begin controlling. When I change voice server it fixes itself for a while, the same with restarting the scope. I have tried every voice server I could get my hands on, no-one worked properly for an extended period of time. When the issue occurs I have observed that the voive channel "freezes" and people can't seem to join t
  3. Well, didn't really answer my question. I am pressing the button to change the speed mode, but it just jumps back to the "or less" mode. So I am stuck there and can't change to for example exact speed or the "or more". Also is it possible to transfer the simulation from one pseudo pilot to another? When I did it the recieving pseudo pilot couldn't control the aircraft properly (aircraft doesn't stop pushback and doesn't taxi where they are supposed to).
  4. Hello, Seems like I have the same issue, speed mode is stuck in [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned speed or less. E.g. 160 knots or less, and when I try to select a different mode it just jumps back. Also having some issues with transfering the simulation of an A/C. The pilot who recieves the simulation is unable control the A/C properly. For example the aircraft doesn't stop pushing back where the pilot selected. Martin Jacobsen CoT Norway Vatsim Scandinavia
  5. Hey, link to VATSIM Scandinavia is wrong Here is link to VATSIM Scandinavia charts(for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland): http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/?page_id=25 plus the link to the Norwegian AIP directly: https://www.ippc.no/norway_aip/current/main_en.html and here are military charts from CENOR: http://www.cenor.org/cenor/cenor.php (covers Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland and The Netherlands)
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