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  1. Thanks so much Craighton. I appreciate your help. Regards, Jaime
  2. Greetings, So I finally got vPilot working 100%. Tonight I will be doing my first flight on VATSIM. I've read through almost all of the PRC information (it's a lot to go through). I do understand the concept of the ATC flow of 1.DEL (clearance delivery), 2. Ground, 3. Tower, 4. Approach, and 5. Center, but I could use some help with the following. A: Upon connecting to vPilot, what's next after I obtain the current ATIS information? vPilot shows COM: 128.300 and COM2: 127.800 in the upper corner. Do I enter those frequencies in my airplane's COM Radio's first? Or, do I enter
  3. Ok, thanks for the response Robert.
  4. Hello, I was finally able to successfully connect to VATSIM today (via vPilot). The Vatsim Flight Tracker map showed my aircraft, and several others on the ground and in the air near me. However I could not see any of them in sim. I am I missing? Is there like an IP address I'm supposed to connect to (like in Multiplayer)? How do I see other aircraft? Do I have to join a Virtual Airliner? Regards, Jaime
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