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  1. Great news! You’re welcome. Happy Controlling! Kev
  2. This seems to be the problem: 00f8:err:winediag:schan_imp_init Failed to load libgnutls, secure connections will not be available. Seems your machine is failing to load an essential library needed for the secure connection to our servers. Sorry I’m not a Linux and wine guru, just a .Net Developer 🙃. I can only suggest googling the error and post on the wine forums.
  3. Without the error and the log file there is nothing we can do, please supply these details. Thanks Kev
  4. Hi William, I feel your pain, and I am happy to assist where I can. I take it you are using Wine? What is your base OS, MacOs\Linux? Could you please try and get some logs by following the documentation here. I can then see if anything jumps out. Thanks Kev
  5. Hi William, Nothing has changed with the AFV Infrastructure for some time. Kev
  6. Hi Max, Seems like you possibly have McAfee installed, add AFV as an exclusion. if you are on Windows 10, I would recommend doing away with it and save yourself some cash. The AV that is built in Windows 10 is more than sufficient nowadays. Kev
  7. Also please see this thread where the user used Voicemeeter as well and had the same issues.
  8. Could you please send me the contents of the error message, by clicking Details and copying the contents. Thanks
  9. It isn’t something that can be fixed by Vatsim Devs unfortunately. McAfee need to do their thing.
  10. Hi John, You no longer need the Stand Alone AFV with xsquawkbox 2.0 it has been integrated. The issue here is that xsquawkbox and AFV are fighting for the connection. Please try just using xsquawkbox 2.0. Kev
  11. Possibly a resolution issue, what is your resolution set to? You can you try different resolutions, to see if this fixes the issue.
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