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  1. Very good extension of the adsbscope, I'm already a fan and using it! But my problem still persists in Euroscope. I think the "bug" is in Euroscope because of my location. I'm @ 33º4N,16º20W, meaning: 33.4,-16.20. The adsbscope software sends my longitude coords as 344,20º instead of -16,20º. Euroscope instead of doing the simple math of 360º-344,20º to display the aircraft, draws the aircrafts @ 344º. When I zoom out, my sector files are in one place and the aircrafts are draw to the far right of the screen. Thanks anyway for pointing me the extension of adsbscope! Miguel
  2. Instead of working with planeplotter, i've tryed adsbscope v2.5 and v2.4. With v2.5 of adsbscope, the problem is the same as with planeplotter: no lat/lon in the proxy. With v2.4 of adsbscope, the lat/lon problem goes away and I have my aircraft list filled up with everything. The difference between both versions is: v2.5: the latitude shows up like -16º (west) v2.4: the latitude shows up like 344º Now I have a new problem, in Euroscope, if I zoom out, I can see the planes plotted in 344º longitudes... but my map for the region is in -16º longitudes... Sorry about the [Mod
  3. My SBStoFSD doesn't show the coordinates either... In the "debug" line, sometimes, they appear, but never in the aircraft list. Just like the screenshot posted above! Switching the dip-switch didn't make any result either. Any clue, tip? Thanks in advance, miguel
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