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  1. It's really sad to see the former Hong Kong vACC has gone. This vACC has helped and participated in many worldwide event and provided many hours of quality ATC services in the past decade. The people there serves not only online, but also offline to different government and airline parties including Hong Kong Government Flying Service, Hong Kong Air Cadets Corps, Cathay Pacific Airways, etc. Some of them have became pilots in different airlines, and ground crew in different aviation industries. Due to management restructure in South East Asia division, these people have chosen not to follow the new management and moved to another online community. It's truly a sad story ending and a great loss towards VATSIM. These people will be missed. Goodbye former Hong Kong vACC team, and thank you.
  2. It's nice to see the joint-event between Philippines vACC and VATROC. I will try to fly on that night. See you guys there. Bowen
  3. Hello Victor, Thank you very much. Bowen
  4. Hello Ihsanush, Thank you very much. We will see each other around somewhere in the future. Keep in touch! Bowen
  5. Hi all, I have decided to resign from the position as Division Director of VATSEA. I grew up with VATSIM since 13 years ago with the transfer from SATCO and it's time for me to say goodbye due to real life commitments. During these 13 years, we had fun, we had joy, and we shared the same vision. I would like to take this chance to thank you all the supports from vACCs within VATSEA. We will see each other around on facebook, whatsapp, or even in real like what we do in the past. BoG will then start a recruitment very soon. The sky is always blue. Come fly our friendly sky. Bowen Chau
  6. As Gede has stepped down from VATSEA Division Conflict Resolution Manager, VATSEA is now seeking candidate to this position. Please email your resume to bowen.chau(at)vatsea.net on or before 30 Apr 2011.
  7. Gede B. Mahartapa has just stepped down from Indonesia VACC Cheif and VATSEA's DCRM due to personal excuse. VATSEA management is now finding a new candidate to replace him as soon as possible. Gede was a great team player within Indonesia VACC and VATSEA. He has tried his best to bring up the VACC including setting up many training session offline and helped many controllers to take control in their airspace. His commitment to VATSEA and Indonesia VACC is highly appreciated. Thank you, Gede! Good luck.
  8. Dear all, Reece Hunter, former Philippines VACC Chief, has stepped down from the official position due to personal issue. I would like to take this chance to say thank you to Reece as he has been working so hard on developing the Philippines VACC in the past days and he has successfully transformed Philippines VACC into a world-recognized VACC. At the same time, Rick Wilson, has been appointed to the new VACC chief and may we welcome him here and wish he will continue to work hard for the VACC and continue bringing the most friendliest skies to all VATSIM fliers.
  9. Dear all, VATSIM South East Asia is now developing a new Vietnam VACC and they are now demanding a webmaster to help them setting up the gateway to the VACC. The webmaster should be familiar with PHP and MySQL. All domain and physical hosting will be provided by VATSEA. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to bowen.chau(at)vatsea.net no later than November 15, 2010. Thank you very much.
  10. Dear all, VATSIM South East Asia (VATSEA) is now recruiting new Event Director. If you are interested to help VATSEA to become one of the most busiest division on VATSIM network, please send your resume to bowen.chau(at)vatsea.net no later than November 15, 2010. (mod 841181: changed title accordingly)
  11. We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Eugene Lee from Singapore as the new Deputy Division Director, VATSIM South East Asia. Eugene Lee is an very experienced VATSIM members, and he was the Singapore vACC chief and VATSEA Event Director recently. With his dedicated experiences and hard works, I am sure he will bring more new ideas to the division. Please join to welcome Eugene and congratulation!
  12. First of all, very nice video which can surely cheer up the vACC and other pilots in the region. I do want express here saying that Singapore vACC has done very good recently regarding to all activities and events. At the same time, they are willing to help other parties in preparing big event like World Flight 2010. To be honestly, Singapore vACC is the first to reply on all internal emails I do appreciate what Lester has done to Singapore vACC by gathering up all the staffs and controllers. I hope everyone can understand that we are all human and we do have our real lives. All the division and vacc staffed are just come up and share their leisure time to make VATSIM more beautiful and crowd without asking for any compensation. We are all VATSEA and we are family, and I do hope that everyone can enjoy their stay in this division. If you need any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance, please contact me [email protected] sea.net and my division staff will like to help you out. Regards, Bowen Chau Division Director VATSIM South East Asia
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