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  1. Hi Brian, Whilst there is not, the best piece of advise is to disable crash detection.
  2. We use magic That only works though with vPilot volume in its entirety. As Ross has mentioned, the underlying structure needs to change first.
  3. You won't however be able to use any VATSIM software on any private network.
  4. Hello Pavlin, I have removed the majority of your post. In simple terms we don't name and shame here no matter how strongly you feel about the issue. Looking at the attached images this is surely something you two could have worked out between you. If not then, as mentioned in the images you could have asked for a Supervisor.
  5. Hi Tom, Something caused a glitch for a split second. As to what it was who knows except xplane responded to it and slowed down. Have you submitted your being less than impressed at it's authors? Meanwhile, xPilot merely reported the issue to you and a second later was on it's merry way.
  6. Its to allow a member to change Region and choose a new Division. If they are staying in the same Region they get that message.
  7. In addition to Brad's comment, there are snippets of seemingly real info out there that P3D v5.0 is in beta.
  8. Hi Robert, Welcome to VATSIM! Our network is a whole bunch of inter connected servers. Some get your credentials straight away, others may take a few hours. I'm guessing without knowing what else is said, that your credentials were not yet on the server you were trying.
  9. Greg, I moved it and it was never with that intent. We often do housekeeping with posts from General Discussion so this was nothing untoward. At the time the xplane subforum was working perfectly. It was only after your subsequent post here did we see the issue. Even we cant view the forum right now.
  10. Hi Jari, There are a number of posts on the forum (I'm just in the process of moving yours from General » Audio for VATSIM Support » Support for ALL Windows users) which explain why this solution has had to be put in place. More importantly though for you these same places explain how to try and make things better for you so that you are able to achieve something higher with your frame rates.
  11. Hi Ethan, Unfortunately even if you had a previous version it wouldnt be able to connect. The way that Xplane slows its sim rate down when frames gets low is great whilst flying single player but sadly causes huge issues in a multiplayer scenario, hence this requirement. I know this isn’t the news you would like to hear but hope you are able to find a suitable work around to enjoy your favourite plane online soon.
  12. People will not see you albeit Supervisors and Administrators will know where you are at any given time. If it helps you gain your confidence then I guess no harm done but we would hope you would want to join in with us after a short while. Welcome to VATSIM!
  13. Since posting your message to now... This site can’t be reached www.megapath.com took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Using https://www.speedtest.net/ DOWNLOAD Mbps 53.43 UPLOAD Mbps 26.03
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