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  1. Hi Ryan, The controller interaction with various aircraft can be a little complex. The first thing you would need to do is establish what atc is online, and to do that you can use your connection client or a who’s online app or browser. Then you also need to consider what type of flight you are doing that is VFR or IFR. ATC callsigns that end with GND, TWR and APP will provide all aircraft at that particular airport and if it’s APP they may also do nearby airports. By way way of example BN_TWR only provides services at the YBBN airport. if it is another type of controller, _
  2. Alistair, That isn’t how I took Cors’ post. There are people of all ages who love change and embrace it with open arms, there are others [of all ages] whom hate change. As Tswizzle says it may be love, hate or indifference..... It happens, and whatever the reason for it, you can always expect to have some fall by the wayside as a result.
  3. Rob, not sure the reason for doing anything if an element of committing the offence. If it is a problem then it is a problem, regardless of why it is done. I have deliberately disconnected to avoid an unpleasant atc interaction on more than one occasion. On one occasion the TWR controller called a SUP because I disconnected to depart and then reconnected. The SUP agreed there was no issue, and that the controller was over stepping the mark. I do agree that one should avoid connecting within say 30-40miles if controlled, outside of that I always check the airspace by using a viewe
  4. How do you find an airport on that list. Seems to a raw data dump in no apparent order!
  5. Could this be part of it....
  6. Thanks for that. I often have problems accessing vattastic. is Volanata affected by the changes? And is it approved/recommended by VATSIM? It seems to promote VATSIM strongly.
  7. This may sound stupid, but what is recommended ‘now’ to work out what atc is online? I’m a long time servInfo user, and found it extremely hard to visualise who I should be contacting [atc wise] over last week.
  8. Forgive my niavity but what is a Y or Z flight plan?
  9. Would be extremely interesting to see how many requests there were on average to the old data, and how many their are now. I thought ServInfo etc whilst old are stalwarts of the community. Is there a viable replacement for ServInfo? Thank you Daniel for stepping in and providing assistance to us users.
  10. Great work on this event. Had some high volumes of traffic, and atc were friendly and professional at every level. Thanks for volunteering your time.
  11. Years Kirk. I was booted three times from Honolulu as a visitor because I missed my monthly target.
  12. It was there less than 24hrs ago, I used it. [ah yes it must have been updated to a new format. Now we only have recent or everything.]
  13. Maybe for events which cross several divisional boundaries can be advertised on VATSIM events forum. As an attender of events, it will be hard now to find them if we have to search on numerous divisional forums.
  14. Propaganda = information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view. It is clear to me from the posts on this very thread, that there is a lack of inclusiveness based on sexual grounds. The original post was about inclusiveness, not whether anyone is qualified to raise the subject. I don’t believe we can shut down every conversation by saying “prove it”.
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