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  1. Has there been any consideration to adding your acft heading line? Be handy (in my opinion) to see my acft heading on the radar scope in Swift. love the client....
  2. Not sure we are saying disregard controllers. ATIS is an information system, not a directive system. I use real world AS feeds and I can’t recall a situation where the runway was incorrect. I can recall regular ‘sky’ conditions being different. Like others have said, the word ‘unable’ is powerful. What about DAY/NIGHT? There are procedural differences there too. We all need to be adaptable, not prescriptive in my opinion.
  3. Stats indicate about 75% of up time. No data is published in regards; number of nil responses from a .wallop average time between .wallop and contact from a supervisor Two thing which I think are much better performance criteria for management. Being connected to the network is one thing, being timely on response is another.
  4. I’d be happy to throw in to a crowd fund me type thing. Not sure on how much the annual fee is for the developer, but surely it is coverable with donations.
  5. Tell them their weather is wrong. As a pilot you can’t be forced to take any approach. Fly, Navigate and Communicate.
  6. You need to be on the text/chat tab. Then you have to select a frequency on the tabs within that window (at the top). generally you will get that message if you try and send it in the “ALL” frequency.
  7. Need to remove the full stop on the hyperlink for those wishing to access the page.
  8. This may help; I did this a few years ago to force a process.
  9. I accept what you are saying Simon. That comment was based on something I had read elsewhere that it used to be once every 2 seconds. If the rate/frequency/or whatever we call it has not ever changed since SATCO/VATSIM then I accept that my opinion was wrong.
  10. I find your response totally disrespectful Andreas. 1. yes I find it hard to understand, 2. No, I’m not stupid or simple mate.
  11. I obviously not being an educated person, do not find it easier to comprehend this statement:
  12. This was posted on VATPACs Discord platform. Whilst I haven’t had it this bad, most of the time Singapore is the only one with a couple of greens.
  13. Surely shutting down a server is something that would be discussed with those affected before it happens. It may seem inconsequential to someone in another region, but pings from servers other than SYD-1 are terrible. Either people are training to be politicians or there is cloak and dagger stuff going on. This will effectively disenfranchise a significant number of members.
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