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  1. Ok, I just don’t see it. You have obviously thought it through and happy with it. For me I think they would need to be an “Non-Radar Radio Operator” not just a radio operator.
  2. Also going to be interesting how an S1 can log on as radio for oceanic.
  3. 6.05(d)Oceanic Control Endorsement 6.05(d)(i) An Oceanic Control Endorsement allows a properly rated controller to operate the Oceanic Airspace to which the endorsement applies. however in 4.01 “the four categories” doesn’t seem to allow for Oceanic unless we include it in CAOC 4.01(d). Am I missing the definition of Oceanic Airspace?
  4. Unless someone else says anything, My belief is that only marine and land vehicles are banned. If it’s an aircraft go fly it, monitor 122.800 on either com 1 or com 2, and watch out for ATC joining.
  5. A. YES. You will get lots of different comments, but nothing in the rules saying “xxxxx cannot utilise military airfields”. B. Without ATC go for it. If ATC is on then negotiate.
  6. It is interesting that when they advertise positions they say you need to put in X hours a week. There must be a lot of new VA’s starting up if you don’t get a response within four weeks.
  7. Thanks Claude, so no help available here?
  8. In the last two weeks, each time I launch the GUI after about 10-20 sec it crashes and I have to relaunch. It hasn’t done it on second launch yet, only first time. Anyone else having similar? I haven’t changed anything on the PC recently.
  9. For P3D and FSX, There is an amazing addon fmc for any cockpit. ISG. It made flying every aircraft realistic.
  10. It just doesn’t make sense to me. An IFR aircraft cleared for a visual approach, and even when told that they can’t see the airport, they get vectored around a second time. Would I not ask to cancel IFR before accepting a visual approach? Do we vector VFR aircraft onto STARs or IAPs? I always thought it was a pilots call on the safety of the aircraft, so why clear an IFR for visual work? is it any less work for the controller when they take responsibility for vectoring an aircraft around for two attempts at a visual, rather than allow them to fly the IAP and report final?
  11. Perhaps not in FAA territory Dimitris. Only this week, I had a controller instruct me to fly a Visual Approach even though I had filed for a Instrument Approach. I was vector around twice at all sorts of angles because I couldn’t see the airport. The controller didn’t sound very impressed that I couldn’t see the airport. I was going to offer to send him a picture from the cockpit, but thought that would be a bit rude.
  12. You can use anything you like.
  13. IVAO and VATSIM are two organisations which some may say are competitors. Hours are not transferable between them. It would be like you trying to use credits from one shop in another.
  14. No. We don’t treat anyone different, unless you are comfortable and are looking for assistance. Your CID shows you joined recently, BUT does not indicate anything about experience or competency. Some pilots with less experience may place “new pilot” in the comments hoping ATC will cut them a little slack. Other my just leave that out. It is your choice. Some useful things to put in the comments maybe things that will communicate to ATC any restrictions like; “no sids/stars” or “no charts” etc.
  15. It's been a short while now since the new look VATSIM statistics page was published, however it would be great if we could bring back a chronological search output like we used to. At the moment if I search my flights for a month, it outputs with callsigns as the sorting method. I try to fly airport to airport, so sorting by date is much better in my opinion.
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