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  1. I had no idea there was so much data in that John. Thank you for pointing it out, it is my now favourite page.
  2. Thank you to the following professionals for using the correctly spoken callsign; HOU_81_CTR Che Jackson MEM_15_CTR Ben Well done guys, and a huge thank you.
  3. I fly for vUS Army Aviation and we use the real world current “Rxxxx” which can be seen almost every day 24/7 on any aircraft tracking system. In my remarks I always have as standard: STS/STATE NAV/GPS REG/980023 RTF/ARMY COPTER OPR/WWW.VUSAA.ORG The majority of CONUS controllers will insist on say “Romeo xxxx” even when I continually use “Army Copter xxxx”. I have sometimes thought of addressing them phonetically....... So saying we are focused on current callsigns isn’t true. If controllers can’t listen to the RTF the pilot uses, its like “no you can’t use that, you must say ........”
  4. FSY works for me. FSXX maybe. FS20 also. FS$$.
  5. Booting people at 31min, or responsive anywhere is not in the spirit imho. 61km/hr in a 60 zone. It upsets people. Rules are there to stop calamity and chaos, they are a tool to enable us to deal with issues that affect the network imho. Rules are for the guidance of wise men, and the strict compliance of fools. Imho. the network is provided for the enjoyment of all.
  6. Andrew, Pilot tools: vats.im/czqotools gives a 404 error for me.
  7. A strategic plan, and sharing little projects underway, add windows to the train we are all travelling together on.
  8. I’m sorry that you feel everyone is attacking VATSIM. VATSIM is an amazing, productive place. There have been soooo many success stories with people developing skills and obtaining real world benefits. That doesn’t happen in a ‘bad’ place. There are very obvious barriers to effective communication in VATSIM in my view. Anyway, I hope you can see the positives and be inclusive regardless of what you think people are saying. Toxicity = Not providing a response because I think they demand one. Toxicity = It’s your fault because you don’t have real world knowledge and expertise and didn’t ask the right person. If our judgement of people is based on forum interaction, we are doomed to failure. Play the topic, not the person.
  9. Nestor, I have honestly given up volunteering help via an official title. I have thrown my name up for numerous positions, AND always try and provide comment With a view to making the place better. If I can help in any way, I am here. If there is guidance with set and clear outcomes, I’m the man. Maybe I’m tainted. But when things need doing, and they aren’t done because someone with a title didn’t do it, then I feel worthless. So Nestor, ask away in any form you wish, and I will help. I think we have generally got to a point that unless you have a VATSIM title no-one within VATSIM respects your comments. In my opinion we are a community with people of our community selected to provide guidance, not rule. Every person in a community should be a helper, or in my opinion they aren’t truely part of the community.
  10. If anyone can even get ICAO into a ten year plan at VATSIM you have done wonders. It’s something I dream of, but don’t think will happen before I die.
  11. Has there been any consideration to adding your acft heading line? Be handy (in my opinion) to see my acft heading on the radar scope in Swift. love the client....
  12. Not sure we are saying disregard controllers. ATIS is an information system, not a directive system. I use real world AS feeds and I can’t recall a situation where the runway was incorrect. I can recall regular ‘sky’ conditions being different. Like others have said, the word ‘unable’ is powerful. What about DAY/NIGHT? There are procedural differences there too. We all need to be adaptable, not prescriptive in my opinion.
  13. Stats indicate about 75% of up time. No data is published in regards; number of nil responses from a .wallop average time between .wallop and contact from a supervisor Two thing which I think are much better performance criteria for management. Being connected to the network is one thing, being timely on response is another.
  14. I’d be happy to throw in to a crowd fund me type thing. Not sure on how much the annual fee is for the developer, but surely it is coverable with donations.
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