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  1. Is the Oceania server down or what. I wasn't able to connect to VATSIM using FSInn so I checked the server list on: http://faq.apollo3.com/ljames/fsinn/vatsim/data/showservers.pl There is no Oceania server on the list (Note the list will change and the Oceania server might be back after some time on the list) Some needs to some explanation.
  2. Oh I kinda get it. 1000z would equal 1000 + 1000 (because of +10 GMT) =2000 20:00 = 8 pm ^^Is this correct^^
  3. So that means that 1000 Zulu would equal 1000-1000=0
  4. Yeah so what do I add +10 to To calculate the time, (Please give an example)
  5. Hi I haven't before in my life calculated Zulu time and it was getting a bit confusing on the Websites. So how much 1000z be in EST. (I live in NSW) Thanks for anyone who helps.
  6. I am not a real world Instructor or Pilot, but i can help if you tell me what kind of approach you wanna practice and and what airport. If there is something then we will discuss a time. (Remember i might not be able to help you much, but I will try)
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