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  1. Thanks again for your contributions to the community!
  2. According to Bridge Design Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport released last week, I spent two days and finished the updates of ZGGG GND Sector. Now sector's coordinates perfectly matched with the scenery's. Here below is a sceenshot
  3. Hi I have just been facing this issue for several days. It came out when I opened Euroscope, no matter if you pre-select a PRF file or do not select a PRF file, and then load a new sector file. ES crash will happen at this point everytime bar none. This is the screenshot. Anyone can share some on this issue? Regards, Yu
  4. What a beautiful ground sector of EGCC!
  5. Hello all VATPRC has been implementing the upgrading service from previous VATSIM ID authentication system supported by AutoTool to the new-released VATSIM SSO for two months. Unfortunately, our staffs couldn't successfully enable VATSIM SSO system on our forum powered by IPBoard. Because of new released VATSIM SSO, the previous authentication has been closed so our forum has stopped to have new members' logins for two months already. Only some of members, who kept the cache in their browsers, can login the forum in this period. Therefore, I am now here to ask if any VATSIM members could h
  6. ensure that you have filled in the Callsign and A/C Code correctly which will be used to match. Meanwhile, others should install AI packages and corresponding rule sets fully and correctly. if these conditions all reached, there should be no problems on which a correct AI model represents yours and displays in their FS. Yu
  7. if you do not want to change the freq in your cockpit, the best way for you is to apply dot comment in vPilot. Simply type in .com1 freq or .com2 freq which will automatically conduct the change. Very useful and convenient! Yu
  8. no issues relate to the software itself. if you reactivate your VATSIM, you have to wait up to 24hrs which does not like what you might face before saying that normally it won't take that long time, but actually here you have a large possibility that you have to wait a daytime. The best way is that take another day and then come back to be online on VATSIM Yu
  9. same here. Now I have deleted other pilot software, certainly they are very good as well, and vPilot is now my unique choice to bring me online to fly. Really appreciate what you have done for this entire community! Regards, Yu
  10. It reminds me some of people said the same onto SquawkBox probably those guys all prefer to FSinn compact view feature. Yu
  11. Hi Does anyone know why the route display of the aircraft cannot be presented correctly in my ES setting? Ideally, the route should follow the flight plan route in the format of "point to airway to point" way not like the current "point to point". I have got the screenshot below. You can clearly see the above the picture that presents a traffic with its route display but the way of displaying is not correct because it did not follow the airway. Also, the wayponts were connected directly instead of connecting by airways. And I do have the updated Navdata for my ES. Anyon
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