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  1. In plugin development, there are two methods to retrieve the altitude of an aircraft, CAircraftPositionData::GetPressureAltitude and CAircraftPositionData::GetFlightLevel. It looks like one is for aircrafts below the TA and the other is for those above the TA. But it seems there is no way to get the value of current TA set in ES. So how should we determine which method we should use to retrieve the altitude of an aircraft? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, Sorry, the issue still exists on my side. Some more information can be downloaded via this link, including a screen video showing how this issue looks like, the complete source code of this test plugin (a VS2005 solution), a release dll built from the source code, and the corresponding VC++ Redistributable Package. http://realch3cho.com/temp/OnMoveScreenObject%20Issue.zip Could anyone help me out, please? Thanks
  3. Sadly, it still doesn't work for me. Maybe I make a mistake elsewhere. A complete sourcecode package can be downloaded from here http://realch3cho.com/temp/HelloWorldPlugIn.zip. Could you take a look and help me out, please? Thanks.
  4. I made changes following your instruction. But it's still not working. Here is the latest code. void CHelloWorldScreen::OnRefresh(HDC hDC, int phase) { if (phase != REFRESH_PHASE_AFTER_LISTS) { return; } if (strcmp(m_MovingObject, OBJECT_NAME)) { Rectangle(hDC, m_Rect.left, m_Rect.top, m_Rect.right, m_Rect.bottom); } else { Rectangle(hDC, m_RectMove.left, m_RectMove.top, m_RectMove.right, m_RectMove.bottom); } AddScreenObject(1, OBJECT_NAME, m_Rect, true, "Yes, this is a test object."); } void CHelloWorldScreen::OnMoveScreenObject
  5. Thank you for the reply. I update the code as this, but the issue is still there.......
  6. I'm new to ES plugin development. Now I'm having a problem with OnMoveScreenObject. First I move a screenobject on the radar screen. Then I hold the left mouse button on a blank area and move the cursor. The previous moved object suddenly appears under the cursor and moves. Does anyone have a clue about how to fix this? Below is the code snippet which I think is related to the issue. Hope it is helpful for you to understand the issue. void CHelloWorldScreen::OnRefresh(HDC hDC, int phase) { if (phase != REFRESH_PHASE_AFTER_LISTS) { return; } char * text =
  7. Recently, I'm trying to build a scenario file for self-training. But I still have no idea how to let the ACs in the simulator follow a SID/STAR. I've added the SIDs and STARs into the ESE file, and I can see the automatically [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned SID/STAR in the flight plan settings dialog. But after the last way point, the AC won't follow the STAR but maintain its heading. Could anyone help me out, please? Thanks. Kent
  8. I think you should use a different position identifier (e.g. "AET2") for the secondary frequency.
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