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  1. Thank you Sir. Downloading now. How do you like the quality? I have read so much on all these different packages it makes my head hurt! lol Do you find that it pretty much depicts all aircraft for the most part that you come across on VatSim?
  2. I am about to buy MyTraffic 3D Pro 5.4C for P3Dv2. I know that vPilot does NOT have a rule-set for this. Only MyTraffic 3D. So I will then download the VRMGenerator, and create my own rule-set for this addon, and then add it to vPilot. Correct? Has anyone else does this? I just want to get this right, and now waste any money as this is pretty expensive. Thanks! Looking forward to some replies!
  3. Also interested in P3D and how well that is coming along. Seems more and more people are moving like I did and going only P3D and don't even have FSX installed.
  4. Ok. Here it goes. I am an American, and fly pretty much only in America because of a couple reasons. These reason also you should note, are the reasons I keep flying there. 1.) Information and tutorials that are easy to get to. What do I mean? If you look on YouTube, it is easy to find tutorials for challenging airports/approaches/and areas. The websites, through no fault of your own aimed at American and North America as a whole are very easy to use, and to get charts for. Think AirNav. I type in the Airport Ident....and BAM...everything I need. I think that if your main site had
  5. Roll back your driver. Known issue with the newest Nvidia drivers.
  6. Thank you....As always! I wrote down your name, but have lost it in the cluster that is my "sim pit" last night. I just wanted to say thank you. I was flying as N991VK, the weather was horrible, and you were pretty busy. The weather updates and warning were awesome, and really helped me out. Flying the A2A Piper in those conditions was a challenge in itself, without having to look up and do all the extras. Even with spotty server performance you kept jumping back on to finish what you started and I appreciate it. My relocation flight was that much better. This is why I fly in your airs
  7. Roger that. Thank you. I will keep looking at it and trying to figure it out. The issue is my knowledge of Config files and such are pretty low. Is there an easy way that you know of to test this out though? Like once I have done a couple? Or is it just luck of the draw hoping someone is near with that type of aircraft.
  8. Hello, Please excuse me, but I am really new at this. I have managed to download the Orbx Traffic addon, and installed it. It has the SIMOBJECTS folder with all the different aircraft it offers, mainly business jet and GA. What I am wondering, is how to get this into Vpilot to use online? The setup seems the same, except for the model rule set option in vpilot. That is where I am stuck, as I don't understand how to get it to work, and the tutorial is a little over my head. Do I have to manually add each plane myself? Or has someone done this that can help me. Thank you!
  9. So, if I am reading this right. To get WOAI in P3Dv2, you have to buy the Migration tool? Is there a step by step somewhere for people who don't want to purchase an addon for freeware? I fly only on Vatsim with P3Dv2, and would like to see more than white Lears all over the place! lol.. Thanks, as pointed out above, the installation information in the readme is pretty much non-existent.
  10. Will try out the Beta Thank you! And yes, my computer and inside P3D volume settings are maxed out. Maybe time for a new sound card. lol
  11. Same issue, either Wave or Direct, which Direct being a little louder to me is still pretty quiet. I have all sliders, on my system and in the program turned all the way up. Any software edit we can do to "boost" volume? At the moment I am having to have engine, cockpit sounds all turned down lower than I like, and have headphone volume way too high to make sure I don't miss something. Thanks and thanks OP for bringing this up!
  12. First off, brilliant program. So easy to use and setup coming from FSInn. Does all I need. One question, or help I do need with it though. Volume. I have all sliders turned to the max, but still, pilots and controllers are hard to hear sometimes, especially when I am in my Dash8. Is there a way to "Boost" spoken volume? Either by a hidden feature I can't seem to find, or by a edit somewhere? Again, my control panel and inside the program volume is maxed out. Thanks! And once again, nice work on this program!
  13. You know what though guys....even though these super centers may not be realistic, I still think you all will be able to take a hold of it and make it better. Your training compared to what is offered to us pilots is top notch, and I am sure you will learn a whole lot more if you volunteer for it. I have yet to see a bad controller on, even the students sometimes I have a hard time telling when they are on. And to answer a question asked to me, I would much rather have ATC in the "meat" part of my flight..but, that would only be if I had to make a choice of one or the other. Most of the
  14. While not a controller, and only a pilot,.I have to say that this, at least on my side sounds interesting. While when I fly, I 100% of the time try to do it right and by the book, I am still at heart a ATC groupy. I follow you guys around all over the US. I know I don't speak for only myself when I say that sometimes after a long flight, getting ready for TOD, getting charts out, frequencies preset just waiting to enter your airspace, the ATC will disconnect. I know everyone has lives, and it is not a complaint that they can't be online for all my flights...but to a pilot on VatSim, ATC is imp
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