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  1. For anyone that cannot open the above PDF try this link https://www.vatoce.net/vatoce-q3-2019-full-report/
  2. It seems some people can open it and some cannot Sean. Yes I will put it on the VATPAC forum also but will try and get a different link
  3. All, VATOCE Q3 Regional Report can be found at https://www.vatoce.net/VATOCE%20Q3%202019%20full%20report.pdf Enjoy
  4. Hello Deon, Q3 meeting is this weekend and the missing minutes are on the agenda. Please see viewtopic.php?f=1&t=79599
  5. Q3 2019 EC Agenda I. Call to order II. Roll call III. Apologies IV. Old Business • Discussion on Previous Minutes V. New Business A. EC B. Cross the Pond C. VATRUS Requests VI. Reports VII. Adjournment
  6. Apos thank you for your service to the Europe Region and also your commitment to the EC. I wish you well for the future. Please don’t be a stranger. Hi guys just to put your mind at ease there is nothing going on. These resignations are nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence. They are in no way linked.
  7. In accordance with the VATSIM Code of Regulations, specifically §3.08, sub-section A, the 2019 Quarter 3 Executive Committee Meeting shall take place on Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at 2000z, on the EC Discord server.
  8. What a surprise. Flo thank you for your time in all leadership positions. Good luck for the future
  9. The Q2 VATOCE ATO report reported that there was a 91% increase in pilot ratings given compared to Q1. How is this a steady decline? Hi Greg, there was indeed a 91% increase in P1 ratings. The ATO has very little to do with P1 as it is only a theory exam. The same rating can be gained at the VATSIM academy by doing a theory exam only. The real work for the ATO was training members for their P2 as this required lessons and a check flight exam. Putting the numbers into perspective the P2 increased by 50%. That doesn't sound too bad until you look at the actual figures. It increased from
  10. In accordance with the VATSIM Code of Regulations, specifically §3.08, sub-section A, the 2019 Quarter 2 Executive Committee Meeting shall take place on Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 2000z, on the VATSIM Discord server.
  11. I am happy to report that the application process to appoint VATPAC's new Director Of Division has been completed. It was a hard fought contest with 2 candidates nearly impossible to separate. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the new DD is Callum Strawbridge, I wish him well in his new appointment and I am sure the community will get behind him and support him as he works with the Board to improve VATPAC for all it's members. I must also thank the selection panel for the work they did in trying to find the best possible candidate. Thanks must also go to David for stepp
  12. Applications have now closed. Thank you to all that applied
  13. VATSIM OCEANIA REGION invites applications for the position of Divisional Director Australia VATPAC1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The Division Director is an important link between the "front line" of the network and VATSIM Oceania Region. The duties below are intended for further delegation in part but ultimate responsibility lies with the Division Director. Reports to: VATSIM Oceania Regional Director Direct Reports: Director, ATC Training Director, Operations Director, Events & Communications Director, IT Duties: Responsible f
  14. I am pleased to announce that Harrison Scott has been appointed as VATOCE4 Director Web Services. Harrison has a wealth of experience and already has plans to update and modernise the Regional Web site and ATO web structure. He will be a great [Mod - Happy Thoughts]et to the Regional team and will also be available to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist the Divisional IT teams should they require. Welcome aboard Harrison. Thanks must also go to Jacob Holmes who has been in an acting role up until Harrison's Appointment.
  15. VATOCE held its Q4 2018 meeting on the 9th Feb 2019. The minutes of the meeting can be found at https://www.vatoce.net/Q42018MeetingMinutes.pdf
  16. The VATOCE Regional report Q4 2018 can be viewed at https://www.vatoce.net/OCEQ42018Full.pdf
  17. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Mr Dick Tucker has been appointed as VATOCE3 Regional Membership Manager. Dick is very experienced in real life management and will be a great [Mod - Happy Thoughts]et to the Regional Team. Congratulations on your appointment and I look forward to working along side you.
  18. VATOCE is seeking applications for a Regional Membership Manager VATOCE3. This is an important position within the VATOCE Region so applicants should apply themselves to the Duties and Personal Specifications listed in the description before applying. The full job description, closing date and application process to be followed can be viewed at http://vatoce.net/VATOCE3.docx Applications that do not follow this process will not be considered. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered. Below is a a list of Duties and Personal Specifications. REPORTS TO: R
  19. Apologies for the report being published late. It can be viewed at https://www.vatsim.net/sites/default/files/region-report/OCE%202018%20Q2.pdf
  20. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Jacob Holmes will be joining the VATOCE Region team as acting VATOCE4. He is on secondment from VATPAC until the vacancy is filled permanently. Thank you for stepping up Jacob to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist VATOCE.
  21. VATPAC are inviting applications for the position of Director of Events VATPAC5. This is a senior position on the VATPAC Board of Directors. Read and apply yourself to the duties and criteria listed below before applying. Responsible to VATPAC Director of Division VATPAC1 Direct Reports Deputy Director Special Events Deputy Director Events Duties Facilitates the smooth operation of all events within the VATPAC airspace. Responsible for the organisation, promotion and execution of regularly occurring and one-off official VATPAC events. Acts as a first poin
  22. Joshua Micallef has been appointed as the new VATOCE ATO CFI. I would like to welcome him to the region team and wish him well on his new appointment.
  23. Today I received Callum's resignation from the VATPAC Board. Callum has a new position on the VATSIM Marketing team and he would like to concentrate on this. I would like to thank him for his time on the Board and wish him the very best for his role at Marketing. Callum was responsible for many a great event at VATPAC. He will be staying on as an instructor for ATC and Pilot training. Good luck for the future Callum
  24. The application process has now closed. Thank you to all that applied.
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