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  1. The minutes from Q2 2018 Regional meeting can be viewed at https://www.vatoce.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/VATOCE-Q2-2018-Meeting-Minutes.pdf
  2. VATOCE Region is looking to appoint a Web Services Manager (VATOCE4) for its management team and as such are accepting applications for the position. Applications will be accepted until 23:59 hours AEST on Sunday 19th August 2018 by e-mail, addressed to [email protected] with Web Services Manager Application in the subject line. Your application should include examples of previous work. Web Services Manager (VATOCE4) areas of responsibility (but not limited to): • Overall responsibility for heading up IT infrastructural project design & lead. • Reports relevant project updat
  3. VATSIM OCEANIA REGION invites applications for the position of VATOCE ATO Chief Flying Instructor. Reports to: VATSIM Oceania Regional Director Direct Reports: Pilot Training Staff Duties: Fulfil the responsibilities of this role in accordance with the VATSIM User Agreement, Code of Conduct, Code of Regulations and Oceania Region values. Recruit, lead and motivate Pilot Training Staff Develop and Maintain Pilot Competency schedules for each rating Ensuring that members undertaking training and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]essment are provided with the necessary mentorin
  4. Paul Tyquin has resigned as VATOCE Membership Director effective 4th August 2018 due to real life time issues. I would like to thank Paul for his time on the Regional team and for all the hard work that he has done. It was decided at the Regional Meeting that we will not be replacing Paul in the immediate future as we try to improve our effectiveness for members support. All membership enquiries to the Regional Staff will now go directly to the Division involved cutting a link in the email chain out to improve communication and response time for our members.
  5. Q2 2018 Regional meeting will take place on Saturday 0900z 4th August 2018 I. Welcome and Apologies II. Regional Minutes Q1 Read and Adopted III. Membership Report Membership Report VATOCE3 IV. VATPAC Divisional Report Divisional Report VATPAC1 V. VATNZ Divisional Report Divisional Report VATNZ1 VI. AOB (a) VATOCE3 Membership Position (VATOCE1) (b) Pacific Islands (VATOCE1) © New Supervisor (VATOCE2) (d) ATO Future (VATOCE1) (e) Vatsim CoC
  6. I have today accepted Alex's resignation as VATOCE CFI. I will post a job advertisement in the next few days for his replacement. I would like to thank Alex for his short time as OCE CFI and wish him good luck for the future.
  7. Indeed a big loss to VATWA. Best of luck for your future and thank you for your time and commitment to Vatsim
  8. Hi Sean and thanks for the question. Our new CFI will I am sure be able to give some indication of when P3 will be ready
  9. I am delighted to announce that Alex Dent has been appointed as the new CFI for VATOCE. Please join me in congratulating Alex on his appointment. I look forward to seeing our Pilot Training advancing under his leadership. Thanks also to our outgoing CFI Cam Tyson for his contribution to our Pilot Training and good luck in your new role in VATPAC.
  10. Cam Tyson has resigned as VATOCE CFI. I would like to thank him for all his hard and dedication to the VATOCE ATO. Cam has taken up a new role on the VATPAC training team so we are not loosing him all together which is good news. A vacancy announcement will be posted in the forums soon to appoint a new CFI. Cam will stay in place until a new appointment can be made. I am sure you will all want to wish Cam the best of luck in his new role and to thank him for all his work as our CFI.
  11. Great appointment. Congratulations Andreas
  12. Please join me in congratulating Mt Scott Thorpe on his appointment as the new Divisional Director of VATPAC. Scott has a great deal of experience on the network as pilot,ATC and supervisor and also brings with him a substantial amount of experience in management in his professional life. Welcome on board Scott and good luck in your new position. Thanks must also go to Tracy Shiffman for his work as acting Director in keeping the Division afloat.
  13. The Oceania quarterly report for Q1 2018 has now been posted to the VATSIM.net website and is available here: https://www.vatsim.net/sites/default/files/region-report/OCE%202018%20Q1.pdf Alan
  14. The application process has now closed. Applications received from now will not be considered.
  15. Congratulations great to see you back Phuong Vu
  16. VATSIM OCEANIA REGION invites applications for the position of Divisional Director Australia VATPAC1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The Division Director is an important link between the "front line" of the network and VATSIM Oceania Region. The duties below are intended for further delegation in part but ultimate responsibility lies with the Division Director. Reports to: VATSIM Oceania Regional Director Direct Reports: Director, ATC Training Director, Operations Director, Events & Communications Director, IT Duties: Responsible f
  17. Hi all, As our Airline grows and to be competitive with other VA's we have decided to open up a vacancy for a Events and Marketing Director. This is a full voting and senior staff position. Duties will include keeping a strong and active presence on our social media pages, organising events for our members to socialise and fly together. The successful applicant will also be expected to be an active member on our teamspeak, discord and forum as well as completing at least 2 flights per month. Good video editing skills would be an advantage as we are in the need of a short v
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