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  1. Thank you Jesil. I enjoyed working with you. Bets of luck for the future.
  2. Thank you Kyle for your impressive contribution to Vatsim. Best of luck Gunnar as you take the lead role in our great organisation
  3. A new points system is coming to http://www.virtualei.net. Some work has been done on the pilot centre to prepare for this.
  4. Aer Lingus Virtual or virtualei.net has made steady progress since opening 2 months ago. We have added the complete Aer Lingus fleet and all schedules are current. We are pleased with our website and our fully responsive Crew Center where all operations are run from. All pireps are processed automatically so that our members are not waiting for approval. We are fully active with our staff visiting our website daily and looking after our members. We have not managed to have our first event yet but hope to launch this very soon on Vatsim. Our teamspeak3 server is the perfect place to talk with e
  5. We have had a steady interest since our opening which has been good. There are still staff positions to be filled also. VirtualEI has a staff member online every day so no one is waiting long for any response to questions or pireps being approved For anyone that joins virtualEi their hours from 1 other VA are transferable upon presenting a screenshot for proof. There is no limit and it goes towards your rank. http://www.virtualei.net Join us today If you have any questions about our VA virtualei.net join our discord server and speak to a staff member https://discord.gg/wJxtUNw
  6. Virtualei.net has opened for membership. This new VA mirrors the real world Aer Lingus and is run by previous members of Caal Airways which closed 14th May 2017 after 6 years of operations. There is a small and simple entrance exam to be taken to become a member and your first flight must be completed within 7 days of joining. The member must then complete 1 flight every 30 days. We have the latest fully responsive modern Crew Center and use the tracking software smartCARS. VirtualEI will be a fully active VA and its staff will be online every day to help with any queries. Our facebook gro
  7. Good news for Asia. Well done Anthony for stepping up to help Anastasios
  8. Thank you for the kind words guys. I have enjoyed my 2 and a half years on region staff at Asia and have met so many people. Some of whom have become good friends. Who knows in the future I may return and of course if I can help on anything at all please let me know. Asia is a great region to be part of which I will miss but I am also now looking forward to having some VATSIM experience a little closer to home. Take care guys and don't worry I will still be about. Cheers
  9. Add this to your addon scenery/scenery folder http://www.caalair.com/AF2_EIME.bgl
  10. And the same back to you Anastasios and to all the region
  11. Good luck with the rebuild. I am sure you will find a great team to carry on the work for vACC India
  12. Congratulations Gunnar. Good luck on your new appointment
  13. Thanks for all your time Peter and good luck for the future
  14. A great appointment. Congratulations An. I am sure VCL will prosper under your leadership
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