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  1. Hi Luca and thank you for the reply. I have come across a couple of posts in the forum but I dont understand them. I am not a real coder as such lol. I just modify templates. The 24 hour is not important if it would cause a problem


    I have come across this https://stats.vatsim.net/user_count_json.php which seems to give the information but I do not know how to populate a table with it. I have googled and tried some examples but my lack of knowledge is proving a real hurdle

  2. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Shujaa Imran has been appointed as the new Pakistan vACC Director. The vACC will be re-opening in the next week or so, more details will follow.




    Najeeb Bukhari has also been appointed as Pakistan's new Events Director so we now have the start of a new staff team.


    Please join me in congratulating them both and wishing them the very best of luck as they work to revive Pakistan.

  3. Hi all,


    I am currently making a new site for the Asian Region and I would like to be able to add this from the .net site




    Please could some kind member share the code that would be needed to do this.


    Thanks in advance



  4. Please join me in congratulating Mr Anthony Colduck as he has been appointed of Deputy Director at VCL. Anthony has shown great enthusiasm and dedication as Tech Director and has been very active in training new controllers. A fully deserved promotion. One of Anthony's first jobs will be to find his replacement as ACCVCL4 Technical Director so keep an eye on the forums for the advertisement.

  5. With the constant growth of ACCVCL it gives me great pleasure to announce that a vacancy has opened up for a Deputy Director.




    To [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist the Director and to take control in the Directors absence

    Take on Training responsibilities when TD is absent

    [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist new members






    Must be C1 or higher

    Must have a clean VATSIM record for the last year

    Fluent English

    Be able to commit at least 2 hours a week for Admin

    Have a regular online presence




    Live in the Vietnam Time Zone

    Fluent in another language

    Familiar with local procedures


    This is a rolling application until a suitable candidate is found. To apply email [email protected] with details of your VATSIM experience and any ideas you may have for moving the vACC forward

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