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  1. Great to see this. Have fun gents. Wish I could be with you
  2. Please join me in congratulating Anthony on p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing his S3
  3. Exam starting now. Please come and help Anthony earn his new rating
  4. Please join me in congratulating Duy An Trương Đức on p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing his S3 today. He gave a great account of himself. Thank you also to the pilots that flew to make ACCVCL's first exam a complete success. Well done An
  5. There will be an S3 exam at VVTS on the 30-01-16 @ 0900z. Please join us and provide traffic so we can help the candidate earn his new rating. Good luck to the candidate.
  6. It gives me great pleasure to announce Truong Duc Duy An as ACCVCL5 Events Director. An has some great ideas and I look forward to seeing his work as we all help to move VCL forward. He can be contacted at [email protected] Congratulations An
  7. Fantastic appointment. Congrats Simon. The UK Division is in safe hands
  8. ACCVCL now has an opportunity for an Events Director ACCVCL5 The Events Director will be responsible for organising events for the vACC. They will also be responsible for communicating with other vACC's and VA's with regards to joint events. ESSENTIAL Must be at least an S2 Must be fluent in English Must have a clean VATSIM record for the last year. Must be able to spend 2hours a week on Admin Me be able to make event banners Any interested members should email [email protected] with any ideas they might have and why they would be the best person for
  9. ACCVCL(Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos) is delighted to announce the opportunity for applications for vACC Training Director ACCVCL3. Essential Must be a C1 or Higher Must be able to commit for 2 years Must have a clean VATSIM record for the last year Fluent in English Must be able to spend 2 hours a week on Admin Self discipline and patience Preferred but not Essential Previous staff experience in a similar role Fluent in other languages Live in Vietnam time Zone This is a very important role in the vACC and applications should be taken seriously. You will be responsible for implem
  10. Yes thank you Ray for your time and many congratulations to the new appointments
  11. VATSEA's new vACC ACCVCL[Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos] proudly present its first official event. We are teaming up with VATPRC and providing ATC for a City Shuttle between SANYA and Ho Chi Minh. Please show your support for our new vACC and give the controllers plenty of work. We look forward to seeing you there. Event Date and Time Saturday. September .19 , 2015 1200z - 1600z Feature Airports ZJSY Sanya Phoenix International Airport VVTS Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat International Airport Routes ZJSY - VVTS BUNTA G221 PCA W2 AC VVTS - ZJSY DONXO W12 BMT W1 DAN A1 BUNTA Charts
  12. The Regional report for Quarter 2 has been published on the vatsim website and can be found at http://www.vatsim.net/sites/default/files/region-report/Asia%202015%20Q2.pdf
  13. Hi Harry, Many thanks for helping Will finding the error in the sector file. Much appreciated
  14. Harry thank you for your offer to help. I know how busy you are with UK responsibilities.
  15. Good luck in your new role Harry
  16. Great to see a full staff team. Well done all and I hope to see VATSEA grow
  17. There will be a CPT on VTBS_TWR on the 12 June at 1700z. A good mix of IFR and VFR traffic would be appreciated. Please fly and help the candidate earn his new rating. Good luck
  18. Worked for me also and I have my flight booked
  19. ​There will be a S3 CPT on VTBS APP on 23rd May at 1200z. PLease come along and help Tony earn his new rating.
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