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  1. Warmest of congratulations on your appointment Evans, and I wish for the richest successes for the vACC.
  2. Dear friends & colleagues, I am keen to hear your thoughts on this matter & be corrected if I am mistaken in any way. There are a few reasons a VATSIM facility might want to enact activity requirements: to make their controllers control regularly & to keep their controllers' knowledge current are probably what most staff will point to. Not all facilities have strict activity requirements. Many facilities will allow you to control so long as you have an active VATSIM account (are active at least once every 6 months). But in a few facilities, I noticed there is a requirem
  3. Get ready for something fresh in Africa - join us in Kenya for the inaugural instalment of our new weekly event, Nairobi Nights; which will see us staff up the Nairobi FIR and fly between Nairobi HKJK and another aerodrome in the region (this time it's Mombasa HKMO), every Saturday between 1000-1300 UTC. TIME/DATE: 1000-1300 Saturday 06 July 2019 UTC LOCATION: Nairobi (HKJK), Mombasa (HKMO) SCENERIES: https://secure.simmarket.com/orientalsim-nairobi-intl.phtml
  4. Congratulations, Ahmed! I look forward to working with you in your new position, and hopefully we can bring our divisions closer.
  5. Currently stats.vatsim-germany.org is redirecting to the VATSIM Germany forums. Is this intentional? I'll be very sad if we have lost such an invaluable resource.
  6. Hi Johnny, sorry I didn't reply before now. Chriss is largely correct, but now that there is a new division staff complement in VATNAF they may be open to visitors controlling the open areas in their division (I certainly hope they are). Have you contacted them on the link that Chriss mentioned?
  7. Taking Lion Air's B738 PK-LKW from Jakarta to Singapore:
  8. That's actually not true. The phrase 'QNH' is the only way to refer to an altimeter setting using ICAO phraseology. The dilemma here, however; is that we're looking for a place that A) uses inches; AND B) uses ICAO phraseology. The only whole country I'm aware of that meets both of these criteria is Japan. There's also 1 aerodrome in Kenya that uses inches. And in both of these places, in the real-world & on VATSIM, you'll hear them say 'QNH' and give the QNH in inches. Listen to or and you'll hear it say something like "QNH 3007 inches". Also if you listen to liveATC in Japan y
  9. Since the question has already been answered, allow me to clarify a few things to be precise. QNH means "local altimeter setting", it is not a unit of measurement. inHg is one unit of measurement used in North America & Japan. hPa is another unit of measurement used in the entire rest of the world (except...) The odd one out is mmHg, millimetres of mercury, used only in North Korea. Whoever came up with that should be shot (/opinion). But in any case, ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming you're using ICAO phraseology) no matter which unit you use to refer to the local altimeter setting, you c
  10. VATSAF and VATNAF are BACK AT IT AGAIN with the NAIROBI-ADDIS MATATU YA HEWA event (that roughly means "bus of the air" in Swahili) Join us between 13-16z on Saturday the 23rd of March between HKJK-HAAB (or vice versa). This is very significant as Ethiopia is a dormant area of the VATSIM Network that sees little traffic and less ATC than North Korea. And now we're giving YOU the opportunity to fly there with FULL ATC the whole way! HKJK-HAAB: LOTAS UM308 SHALA HAAB-HKJK: SHALA UM308 LOTAS HKJK FSX/P3D Scenery: https://secure.simmarket.com/orientalsim-nairobi-intl.phtml HAAB FSX/P3D Sc
  11. Hello, thank you for the reply. Regarding the vACC of Ethiopia there is an Ethiopia vACC already but do you know if it's actually active? Here: https://vatame.vatme.net/vacc/HAAA Thanks - Jan There is no vACC in Ethiopia yet, it is an open FIR with no vACC, one of those pages exists for every FIR in the VATNAF division with no vACC (just replace HAAA with any other VATNAF FIR's ICAO code, you'll see what I mean). As for if Ethiopia's active, no. Since 2012, Ethiopia has received 30 hours of ATC. In total. That's less than North Korea.
  12. I totally agree, Ethiopia is desperately in need of ATC attention! I see you don't currently have any ATC rating. Unfortunately, until there is a vACC established in Ethiopia, it is not possible to receive ATC training specifically there. My recommendation would be to join West Africa vACC and get training there, then when you have your rating you will automatically be able to control in Ethiopia as it is open airspace in the same division. That being said, hopefully the incoming VATNAF Director will be open to establishing a vACC in Ethiopia. viewtopic.php?f=103&t=76935
  13. Just a quick update. Abidjan is still a sector of Dakar FIR, but Abidjan Control now logs on as DIII_CTR. Sectorfiles can be found at http://files.aero-nav.com/GOOO
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