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  1. having exactly the same problem voice server is voice1.vacc-sag.org (everybody in my vacc uses it) I did not change anything to my configuration since my last session, and it worked perfectly back then
  2. working now finally, thanks everybody for the help!
  3. Miguel, I took the screenshot while offline this morning to show how the sound was mapped (input/output) in Euroscope, and thus was not connect to my position. I will check my windows configuration now, but I'd [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that if squawkbox is working correctly when I fly the problem is not on this end. Thanks a lot for your advice Sébastien
  4. Oh and I had to connect/disconnect a few times at the beginning of the session to solve some problems coming with using Euroscope for the first time, could that be a likely cause ?
  5. Hi guys, Just had my first mentored session on the network as LFML_GND yesterday. It went alright, sauf for a little echo problem.Whenever I use my PTT touch, I can hear myself with a delay of one second (quite loud too) which makes it quite hard not to mess up clearances. I do not have this problem with Squawkbox, skype or even with the unicom calls on Euroscope (tried it yesterday). Searched this very forum for solutions, and I apologize if that was already answered. Any advice would be appreciated. Please find enclosed a screenshot of my hardware configuration (I opened the
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