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  1. Vincent, I'm a licensed (non-IFR) private pilot and flying in controlled airspace can be intimidating at times. When I joined VATSIM I spent the first week or two logged onto the service sitting at LAX, and at the FAR end of the ramp listening to VATSIM controllers and pilots. I figured that if I could learn to operate IFR in and out of LAX; I could probably handle anything. My advice (wanted or not); 1. Be very familiar with the aircraft you intend to fly. I had hundreds of hours in my Cessna 421 Golden Eagle before knew that VATSIM existed. 2. ONLY fly into and out of air
  2. I've only every flown GA on VATSIM starting with a Cessna 421. After cutting my VATSIM teeth flying N5436L coast to coast a few times and becoming more comfortable in the IFR environment; I moved up to a Cessna 441 (I was hooked on Twin-Cessna's). The 441 allowed me to operate at higher altitudes (20's Flight Levels), get above weather when needed and was significantly faster than the 421. After extensive travel all over the U.S. and an adventure over to Europe; I decided it was time to again move-up to something a little faster and that can play in "Big Boy" airspace (30's Flight Levels); W
  3. Chiming in a little late. It's been 3-years since I last flew on VATSIM and I'm working up to start flying again in the next few months. My first flight was in August 2011 and my last in May 2016, am[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing 974-hrs (probably much more counting discos) and a ZLA I9 Pilot Cert. The primary reason I stopped flying on VATSIM was due to the shenanigans by new members. My ARTCC was ZLA and its controllers expected you to know how to fly the equipment you were operating and understand SOP. There had always been a push on the forum by pilots and controllers to institut
  4. Your opinion is ALWAYS welcome and respected Brad. Thanks
  5. A fellow pilot asked me this question and I couldn't give him a definitive answer; "I was flying from North Tampa (KBKV) up to Atlanta (KATL) and JAC_CEN was off-line. As I was getting close to ATL_CEN, there were 4 controllers covering Atlanta Center. How do I find out which controller to contact? What I did was listen to each frequency until I found a controller talking to an aircraft that was approaching from the south also." My response: "Your question is a very good one, as I've experienced the same "who to contact" thing on more than one occasion. I would do as you did, or contac
  6. Welcome to VATSIM Henning, If you have any questions feel free to ask here on the forums. Cheers!
  7. I actually found a pretty good freeware scenery package for FSX. It was uploaded to simaviation on June 6 of this year. "KOSH-Oshkosh Wittman Regional Airport Package" by Mike Pare From the author: "KOSH Wittman Regional Airport photoreal scenery to let you join your friends online and fly into Oshkosh EAA Air Venture. This is a purpose built scenery for online enjoyment. AI traffic will not work at this airport. This is an approximation of what KOSH looks like every July during Air Venture, with custom ground markings, Runway Dots, plenty of GA and vintage aircraft parked around th
  8. Who would be interested in participating in a Fly In to Oshkosh this Saturday (7-25-2015) on VATSIM?
  9. LOL Brad! 'sounds like a great opportunity for you to brush up on your light gun skills. I'll put up a post on the Come Fly With Me board and see what feedback I get. It would be nice to at least have a VATSIM twr controller working the event.
  10. Does anyone know if VATSIM or probably more specifically ZAU is planning to host a Airventure AKA "Oshkosh" Fly-In this year?
  11. I have all my FSX AI Aircraft set to 0, Are you sure that you're not mistaking a VATSIM DAL flight for AI? Having the Voice in FSX unchecked should fix FSX voice coming thru.
  12. In FSX In SETTINGS-SOUND I have Voice Unchecked In SETTINGS-GENERAL I have ALL Air Traffic Control boxes- Unchecked Just tested it.. Uncheck Voice in SETTINGS-SOUND Win7 Home Premium FSX Acceleration
  13. 4FPS!! Yikes! Think flying FSX with a Viewmaster. I built a budget PC to be able to run FSX a few years ago and used a AMD A8 3870K 3.0 APU, 8GB of DDR3 1600 RAM, and a Radeon 6570 2GB GPU. The actual "build" was pretty easy (I found a "how to" video on Youtube). I have the APU Oc'd to 3.5 and the GPU to 700. I'm no "computer guy" though it would seem that your I-5 is more than capable at 3.4-3.8Ghz and the 5750 is a little on the weak side. I found the "FSX Bible" http://www.simforums.com/forums/the-fsx-computer-system-the-bible-by-nickn_topic46211.html a few weeks ago, app
  14. Well Don, that's another great thing about Janet; She's usually going through the taxi and take-off checklist, configuring trim, flaps, and last minute avionics while we're taxiing; leaving me free to utilize the PPT on my yoke, keep a hand on the power levers, and not even having to put my drink down.
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