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  1. Yes Ross !!, have tested with Swift Client and was getting similar error there as well. Last day @ around 0200hrs (GMT), was able to stay connect to any of the Servers from all of the major Airports, including those of European one's without any drops, successfully !!! but during those hours traffic was very minimal across the region. so as @Ross Carlson had pointed out could it be something to do with the traffic around during peak hours? During the peak hours (ie. while unable to connect ) did try reducing the values under Performance tab in Vpilot, but that did not help either..
  2. Had received email from VATSIM - Network Infrastructure team, requesting few details which are provided. Now awaiting further response. Will update here as soon as i receive one. Used to receive this error earlier, but was resolved upon rebooting the router..
  3. Thank you Andreas, have forwarded an email as suggested. Will post any response I have from the Team here..
  4. Me too under the same ISP, and until lately I was also under the impression it could have something to do with ISP. But what is observed here is that the mentioned issue only appears whenever I am flying within Europe. Any other airport across the globe it's connecting flawlessly no matter which server is selected. May be if you could as well, verify and confirm the same?
  5. Same Issue here !! And Yes I am residing in Middle East region as well!! I've been facing the same issue for more than a month now. Tried majority of all the solution listed in different forums that google could possibly find, but still the issue remained same. The only thing that worked for me until 2 days ago was to connect Vpilot to Vatsim-Sydney server, now since it is decommissioned, I'm back to Nothing. Any Help or Advise would be highly appreciated !! To add up, below are the few steps tried so far: Uninstalled Bitdefender Internet Security installed on my mach
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