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  1. Site isn't working.. hasn't been for about 2/3 hrs now...
  2. I can't do Wednesdays! Nooooooo, you'll all be very pleased about that Congrats Dave and Will, best of luck
  3. Perhaps you could explain the resolution of your problem Bill for the rest of us "unfortunate" souls who cannot get on there
  4. Lol, my thoughts exactly Off to Mid-Wales I go
  5. Was just wondering if anybody could give me any VATSIM Policy or guidelines on performing solo and formation Aerobatics in the UK Region? Really appreciative of your help, Rob
  6. Ummm... no one dan... Yeah was a shame about no internet but hey, was still a good show!
  7. Perhaps a bit more notice may have increased the traffic levels Mart?
  8. Hi, There was a post a couple of months back about an Essex Approach C1 RR, just wondered if this has been enforced yet? Rob
  9. Andrew, L10 is an airway it is basically a road between two places, to view airways you need to click on the red 'H' and 'L' in FSNAV on the right hand side, this will show the airways. So in a made up flight plan: IOM L10 KOKSY You would find IOM on FSNAV, and from it should be an airway (for examples sake we'll use L10), you follow that line until you reach KOKSY (the intersection), that would be your route. Hope this helps
  10. It's about knowing which links to click, and what web site to go on..
  11. Well I can't login either... as am sure many other people aren't.
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