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  1. Meaning it's even less restrictive than my initial interpretation. Allright then - leaves even more flexibility to the divisions/sub-division.
  2. I think you misunderstood this. There cannot be a practical examination for a restricted minor - just a little bit of training (to be specified by the division as well). That is correct. But of course ATC training for a rating can be done at a major airfield. This is also somehow stated in 6.05(h)(iii). It will be subject to our VATEUD Training Policy. So what is possible: Introduction to TWR controlling --> introduction to controlling at e.g. EHAM --> training sessions --> solo phase EHAM plus more training sessions --> practical exam to achieve S2. What is not possible: Tr
  3. Hello Benjamin, I clearly responded to your ticket. We are working on it. I clearly asked you to give us at least four weeks because it is a bigger topic in your vACC and issues like this cannot be solved in a few days. So it simply is a lie to state we were not able to answer your question. Again: We did tell you that we work on it and that this needs some time. We are just not willing to discuss a solution with you before checking and discussing it with all other stakeholders. I also clearly told you that we as the division are the correct contact point for this. So I am not sure w
  4. Hello all, first of all: Of course again a great event and my overall experience was good. So please don't get the rest of this post wrong. I flew EKCH-KDEN quite in the end of the bunch (1413z departure). Service was great everywhere. First something that I've experienced quite a few times in all oceanic sectors: Please make sure on oceanic sectors that if you accept the "I will remain on SELCAL watch" you must use SELCAL prior to contact someone. I have done quite a few SELCAL checks and "I will remain on SELCAL watch" on VATSIM, but after these calls I've been called quite a few t
  5. Hi Daniel, thank you! It should be correct now. Both addresses work, but it is intended to be [email protected]
  6. The VATEUD ATC Training Department is looking for new Regional Managers! The Department The VATEUD ATC Training Department oversees ATC Training activity throughout the VATSIM Europe Division and creates guidelines to ensure high and similar quality standards for ATCos division-wide. Role description As a member of the VATEUD ATC Training Department you will be responsible to the VATEUD ATC Training Director. Manage contact to a set of vACCs. This includes (but is not limited to) keeping track of vACC ATD staff changes and vACC ATC training activity.
  7. My feedback as DLH133 from CYYZ (1343z) to LSZH: 1. Good service everywhere. Controllers had everything under control. No problems at all with nattrak. Just one suggestion: Make it display the clearance automatically without having to reload the webpage. A few pilots did not do so and thus though they have not received their oceanic clearance. 2. Big technical problems of the oceanic controllers. For 1.5 hours I did not have any ATC on track U. Obviously these hours were disappointing. But the most important feedback for me is: At least on my route (departing in CYYZ until final
  8. Hello Ira, this is a divisional policy and thus only valid for VATEUD. In fact it is only an adjustement of the criteria mentioned in the divisional policy which was created years ago. In VATEUD CPTs for C3 ratings have been mandatory for many years. Of course VATEUD cannot create policies which are valid outside of VATEUD, but it can certainly create a policy which defines criteria for specific ratings, including the C3 rating - as long as these rules are not in contradiction to the GRP or any other VATSIM.NET rules. The new VATEUD C3 policy makes it a bit more transparent to our me
  9. Hello everyone, I am pleased to inform you that VATEUD has released its C3 (Senior Controller) Rating Policy. We restarted holding C3 exams 2 months ago, and with finalizing the C3 Rating Policy we are now set up to handle C3 recommendations and exams throughout the division. All requirements and proceedings are described in the policy. In case there are any questions left, do not hesitate to contact your local ATC Training staff or the VATEUD ATC department ([email protected]). Thank you to all who worked on the restart of VATEUD's C3 program! You can find the policy here: h
  10. Please join me in congratulating the new members of the VATEUD ATC Department! VATEUD ATC Department Deputy: Arvid Hansson (1162891) VATEUD ATC Department Regional Managers: Christian Heltmann (1302635) and Aur Bogdan Dragos (1200325) All of them bring plenty of experience in different VATSIM staff roles and ATC training positions - and they will continue as active local ATC mentors. I am very happy to have them in the team. Thank you so much for accepting the offers! Also a big thanks for all other applications - the network must be very happy to have so many active members who a
  11. Applications will be accepted until January 17. I would be more than happy to receive your applications!
  12. Hello all, we are currently setting up again the VATEUD ATC Department. Please find the role descriptions below. If you fulfill the requirements and if you are motivated to make a contribution to ATC training VATEUD-wide, please apply! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email to 'david.kirchner [at] vateud.net'. Applications will be accepted until January 17. Job descriptions: Applications shall be sent to 'david.kirchner [at] vateud.net'. A short, informal letter of motivation and a brief CV (incl. VATSIM activities) shall be provided. Recommendations
  13. Hello Jonathon, I guess you are pointing fingers on me. I do understand your rage, but I hope we can sort this out quickly. The first time I heard about your request for the Fast-Track procedure was October 24th and I immediately allowed you to take the test. You are my first Fast-Track procedure (new on the job) and I thought the S1 rating before the CPT (which is required due to VATEUD policy) was enough - so that you have the S1 rating for the CPT and get the C1 thereafter. Obviously this was wrong and you need at least a S3 rating. I should have tested this and I did not, sorry for tha
  14. I would love to see a state of the art network protocol. A real time position update between all aircraft is absolutely possible nowdays (without the need for too big internet bandwidth). Combined with a state of the art voice codec and good clients (at least for P3D we have vPilot) we could have a network which is ready for the years to come. This would be a VATSIM dream come true for me...
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