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  1. Their actions are a stronger reflection of their character than it is a reflection of yours. The couples Times I’ve had the pleasure of working you onto my busy final, I’ve noticed that your ability far exceeds the majority of vatsim pilots on the network. I know I can count on you for a timely base turn to hit a gap on the final. That’s more than most pilots can do. Keep up the good work and be sure to report these instances to the respective authority.
  2. Definitely a problem on your end. I’m shocked that you honestly believe that this many people volunteered their free time to develop software that isn’t any better than the old stuff. As a real world controller myself, the new voice is absolutely, 100% spot on. LiveATC isn’t always an accurate representation of what pilots and controllers hear in their headsets.
  3. I gave up on walloping anyone after I learned that an individual swearing on frequency wasn't grounds for removal. "Not enough evidence"
  4. Hopefully you have filed feedback. I know who you are talking about, and there has been multiple occasions of him breaking rules on the network, and offending countless amounts of people. He's the reason I personally have stayed off the network recently. So file feedback, so that there can be a record of events and hopefully we can get this situation under control.
  5. I'm always open to hearing opinions, but when you criticize the busiest, safest, and most complex airspace system in the world, without any real evidence to back it up, it would be naive to expect anything other than what you received. Side note, at my facility, helicopters missing 737s by 300 feet and less than a mile is a daily occurrence. Visual separation is a handy tool.
  6. Interesting. Mind sharing a link to where I can find this report? Interesting apology. It wasn't an apology.
  7. Interesting. Mind sharing a link to where I can find this report?
  8. Please stop trying to do the controller's job. There are certain procedures that happen in he back ground that you'll never know about for those handoffs. You say that you used to fly in the real world, so you're very proficient with your aircraft and navigation systems. How are any of these things issues for you? I regularly fly in all of those places you mention, and haven't had a similar experience. Your job is to fly your airplane, if you have to go around, go around. If the controller get's pissed that's their problem. But I'm sure I would also get pissed if a pilot kept asking for a
  9. Competent controllers know exactly what you are talking about. They will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a runways as soon as possible, and if they have to change that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment at some point, they will recognize your location with reference to the point on the STAR were the transitions for the respective runways split. If you are within a certain distance to that point, a good controller will at least offer vectors if not just [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning them with the runway change, so that you don't have to worry about rushing that entry into the computer. We totally recognize
  10. Agreed Roger, one of the many reasons why I don't fly Friday Night Ops since we introduced it... Actually another reason why I do not fly on the network as much anymore.... That's like saying you will no longer golf at a particular golf course because they give you a free golf cart, but the golf cart isn't numbered so you're not sure which one to use for free.
  11. Can’t find anything else at the moment. But there must be more, because what stops extending of sectors? I'll just leave this here: https://minniecenter.org/docomeents That page is open to the public, and anyone with cognitive ability should be able to look up the appropriate docomeent that clearly defines the ZMP center split. OP said in his original post that ZMP was sending contactmes before the boundary. How much time does it honestly take to tune a new frequency? Like 6 seconds? You're on autopilot at 30,000 feet... I'm having trouble seeing the issue.
  12. And this is because some facilities don't train to work event level traffic. Sure, the training may be more intense and slightly longer, but your knowledge of air traffic procedures will be much greater and you can provide a better service. I'll use this Friday's FNO at MSP as an example - everyone that worked that event has gone through a very rigorous training program at ZMP. Sure, it might have taken a little longer than some other facilities, but look at how smooth the operation went. We had no holds, ran a long final, and had very few issues overall. This comes from both good training
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