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  1. I can't even find the link for the bookings. Which by know are probably all filled. When they say they will give priority to ones who have missed out next time, how are they going to do this???. In previous years they have had specific tracks for no slotted traffic, shame they can't do that again. Jason
  2. Hi Klaus, What I did was connected to a different Network and it did let me connect. So I usually use UK-1 but went onto Singapore Thanks Jason
  3. Hi. I've downloaded vPilot version 2.4.0 which is run via a network connection. I was trying to tune into few frequencies at Amsterdam ATIS 132.970 , and then TWR 119.220 but my PMDG 737 wouldn't work when I tried to transmit on those frequencies. I can only receive voice and transmit voice if the freq ends in 100,200, 300 etc so basically 121.800 works on both fine but 119.220 will not work for transmitting both voice and me receive voice and the others will not work where it doesn't end in It used to work before the new voice thing was released on any frequency. And I cant
  4. Hi Ross & Ferdi, All sorted I read the relevant section and all connected seems fine, shall just try the voice shorlty. Thanks again for your help Regards Jason
  5. Hi, I ran previous version via network so my FSX/P3D are on separate machine and all connected fine. I've downloaded the new version and have no idea which version to use,I've read about having vpilot installed on both computers? Do I need to do this?? All I want to do is run vpilot not on my fsx computer but it wont connect, any advice appreciated. Thanks Jason
  6. Guys, Thanks for the response it's fine on C Drive and not taken much space apart from the error message which shows up but think I'll have to do a separate post. Regards Jason
  7. Hi, I went to install VPilot onto the D Drive as my Flight simulator programs and Simconnect files are on the D drive. But it doesn't give me the option of installing onto a different Drive how can I rectify this? Thanks Jason
  8. Hi, I'm keep getting the following error message and not sure which pc is corresponds to as I use Wide fs7 and run my FSX only on a separate computer everything else is on my main one. Any help much appreciated. "Network error: EndReceive failed (10053) An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine" Thanks Jason
  9. Hi Sean, I've managed to get onto the Qantas page and then the Cathay page which is what I originally used. Thanks for posting the link that was very helpful indeed. Regards Jason
  10. Hi, Is anybody else struggling to get onto Flyingtigersgroup VA? I've been trying for over week and just keep getting a server error? Would appreciate any feed back from other members if possible Thanks Jason
  11. Hi How do I update VATSPY with the update? Thanks Jason
  12. Hi Folks, Anybody else notice that they can't access Vroute or the website? Thanks Jason
  13. Matthew. I've just read your post and wondered what you mean't by having trouble speaking???. Do you have a Stutter / Stammer? If this is the case I also have trouble at times speaking due to having a Stammer / stutter....but most times I'm fine unless I get flustered and then I just use PM'ng feel free to contact me if you like. I thought of that 'with you saying you have trouble speaking'. Regards Jason
  14. Hi, Could somebody tell me what time this event starts for the leg from RCTP-VHHH on Saturday 7th November. I live in UK so would need the UK Time if possible. Appreciate any help offered Kindest Regards Jason Thompson
  15. Ernesto, Regarding the memory issues what can be done as I had that happen to me during the CTP event, I had this message saying flight simulator has run out of memory / virtual memory?. Also this does happen at other times aswell. The only things I'd done during the event was paused the sim several times to change things on Vroute and also changed my views on the cockpit, and I'd only got Vroute and FS2004 running on the taskbar. Thanks Jason
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