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  1. Sorry Ross, but I just wanted to get on with the flight. I’ll try it again later and I’ll capture any error messages that may occur. Thanks for the reply. Cheers Brian
  2. Hi guys, sorry to report that my flight from Wednesday 9 September from about 0920z as QFA23 between Karachi and Bahrain was my worst VATSIM experience yet. Nothing at all to do with ATC who were awesome. It was vpilot! Multiple disconnects, at one time four in six minutes. Then there were two unhandled exceptions and total loss of vpilot each time and had to restart vpilot.. I tried four different servers and no difference, still disconnected. It settled down in the last 10 minutes and I finished the flight okay. This was only a two hour flight! Two others were flying with me and they
  3. Thank you gents. You have answered my inquiry. Regards Brian Carter
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. I was hoping to "book" the flight for the duration of the full flight but have a disconnected section in the middle. I fully expect to be credited only with the time on line but at least the flight would be a single unit. Therefore with vPilot, there is not really much point in doing long hauls on Vatsim unless I can stay online for the duration. The disconnect/reconnect used to work fine on FSinn and FSX as long as you didn't close the FSinn program. Cheers Brian Carter
  5. Greetings virtual Pilots, I have searched the forum and vPilot documents to find an answer but none are evident. Here is the situation: If I do a five to 15 hour flight I can't always sit at the keyboard to satisfy the Vatsim requirements. When I was using FSInn on FSX I used to just disconnect (without closing FSInn) for a few hours then reconnect and the flight just picked up and continued to completion. Now I am using vPilot on P3DV4.5 and if I disconnected like I did with FSInn, the flight is logged as incomplete and when logging on again the flight plan is lost and it
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