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  1. Oh, I understand. I respect SK as a whole, so I won't do that.
  2. Interesting. I was just wondering because there are a lot of flights outbound of ZKPY to RKSI or nearby Gunaghzou (no idea what the code is).
  3. What happens if somebody wants to ATC there though? Can't they just go and log on or do they have to wait for a FIR? (I understand about the charts, but just wondering)
  4. Just wondering... I went on VATSPY and saw above Incheon FIR that there is Pyongyang FIR.... Does anyone actually control there or is it just open?
  5. I need a new graphics card and proccessor. I'm building my own rig on Christmas ! I can't run FSX with a little bit of rain or even snow. It lags like
  6. It'll run, no. It runs. I'm just asking what you all think about it.
  7. IDK. I bought this computer about 1 year ago, in June 10'. Here are the specs: - Windows 7 HP 64 bit SP: 1 (Stock) - Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (2.93 GHz) (Stock) - 8 GB DDR3 (Stock) - ATI RADEON HD4650 1GB, PCI-E (Upgraded) - 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive - TSSTcorp DVD+-RW Drive And yeah... the rest is just sound card which doesn't matter. Stock means I didn't upgrade that category and upgraded means that.... well.... I did.
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