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  1. I installed P3Dv4, and for some reason the default CRJ 700 is gone, when I try to set another default model (it scans it, and says it there) it says "The specified default model was not found during the last scan of your installed models. Please enter a different default model." It reads 48/48 models, but no matter which model I input into the box it says its not a valid model. Quite frustrating.
  2. I need some help, im using AutoCAD to make an ASDE-X for an airport that I am working on.. It is possible, I am just stuck. The steps I go through are these... 1./ I find an updated bgl for the airport I am working on (in this case MKE...)... 2./ I then delete all the vehicles in the bgl using FSXPlanner... 3./ After I convert it I use the XML to SCT converter.. 4./ I then put a [GEO] section in the .sct file so it will convert properlly when I use the SCT to DXF converter... 5./ I then import it to AutoCAD after I change it to .dxf... 6./ Below is what it looks like after I change
  3. Atlanta ATCT view, for DEL/ GND/ TWR setup. A80 (Atlanta TRACON) ZTL (Atlanta Center) (Soon to start)
  4. What type of monitor is in the right? the silver one? I'm looking for a small second monitor (only using one at the moment).
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