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  1. The new version of vPilot has been issued. But the voice server connection is still there! It is so intersting that why there is no support for this software. So what was solved in new version?!
  2. Did you tried by VPN? sometimes it gonna ok by vpn. But most of the time it doesn’t work!
  3. Thank you for your reply, but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried by vpn but the problem didn’t solve.
  4. Dear Alexandre I've tried VPN software, but doesn't work on it, the problem is still there.
  5. Hi Guys I have vPilot error for a long time and I couldn't to solve it. After I connect by vPilot everything is ok (Image1). but after a few seconds Voice server connection error is coming continuously every 12sec (Image 2). I know that my internet connection is fine and there is no problem about it. also I run it as administrator. the version is the latest one. I changed server, uninstall and install it again but error still appears. I am really don't know how i have to solve it. any body have my problem?
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