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  1. I am a little confused on what needs to be in the Sectors and Volumes.xml when building my facility. I've looked at several other data sets and it seems like the data is "in house" sector data or intrafacility? I'm getting this error when trying to do mine.
  2. Like the aircraft symbols, it would be nice to customize map symbols too! Same logic too!
  3. You're the best! I don't want to turn this forum into a feature request ridden one!
  4. I'm looking to alternatives to maximize the amount of colors. Are the map types tied to a specific format of children data being entered? Ie., Type = "Filled" requires infills and cannot be just line elements? Or any of the Ground_.. types?
  5. I'm running into color problems too. I'm not sure how dynamic the colors are. In the documentation, the attributes don't match the color id's in the colours.xml. I know EuroCat/Topsky likes to keep their colors standard and mono, but the US system is a bit too colorful... I'd ideally like to have around 5 separate colors for airspaces, geography, the rest of the adjacent facilities, airways, navaids, etc.. to something like this
  6. PM'd! I found some repositories that belonged to the pacific and I'll try my best to mirror off what they have in there. Another question came into mind that I'm about to find out, does this client model the earth in terms of lat/lon and curvature? The way the client zoomed in and out looks exactly like the RW system that modeled the earth. Past clients stretches beyond east and west with it being centered on the international date line. I ask because the profile I plan to make covers the vast Pacific Ocean
  7. Under https://virtualairtrafficsystem.com/docs/tracks/#track-symbols documentation, it states that the track symbols are displayed as such in a default profile. In other documents, default profile usually means you can customize it. Is it possible to customize the shape the symbol itself like in Euroscope? The end goal is to create a profile that emulates the FAA's ATOP system for oceanic. It uses similar tools and technology in the program, but the display is a bit different.
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/642269265 I was the controller in your stream. In my opinion I was nothing, but helpful throughout your whole flight. I have not raised my voice once and I only engaged/asked a question. I noticed how new pilots are based on their responses and that increases my leniency on the frequency (ie. I will speak slower and enunciate or will try to explain what I'm doing) despite how busy I am. I will let other forum members read, watch, and tell us what they think. In the beginning of the flight till nearing the end you got frustrated because you didn't understand how t
  9. I'm not sure if this topic has been brought up yet. I don't know how the FP system works worldwide, but on the FAA NAS side, flight plans beacon codes are automatically assigned via automation as well as any preferred/adapted routing. If we have the data, is VATSIM open to the idea of redoing the FP to incorporate the ICAO 2012 format of an FP and include those functionalities mentioned above?
  10. I like vERAM's autotrack functionality where it'll show you the list everytime you update the airports. I have an alias that does autotrack adds and subtracts based on combining/decombining sectors. It seems like on vSTARS it won't allow you to add certain airports then add or subtract more later while retaining the entries. It works with vERAM .ACON .autotrack KMRY KSNS KSJC KNUQ KPAO KRHV .BCON .autotrack KSQL .CCON .autotrack KMOD KMER KSCK KLVK KHWD .DCON .autotrack KSFO KOAK .ECON .autotrack KSMF KSAC KMHR KBAB .RCON .autotrack KRNO .A2D .autotrack -KMRY -KSNS -KSJC -KNUQ -KPAO -KRH
  11. Ross also runs the proprietary side for a living so you can't expect his software to be open source. Also as much as we all want the RW functionality to be implemented, Ross can't possibly keep up with all of the features and rewrite the code.
  12. To my knowledge Northrup had many versions of RDVS and it was made to tailor some facilities even. It would be sorta impossible to follow all of them. An IVSR/EVTS would be cool though
  13. Now it does show the map for me, just not on the list. The map numbers aren't the same however on the DCB and the list
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