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  1. Is it possible to add more beacon code banks to kind of avoid this issue?
  2. Charan, give this a try. I don't plan to release this to public. It'll get you started somewhere, still needs volumes for each sector. I plan to work on it more after I work on other profiles. At the moment it's used more for flight data/TMU because of the tools available. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0jjbn0gyt2iqwuc/AADzFazdr8nPbo4ElST9cmZfa?dl=0
  3. Did you convert DMS to Decimal?
  4. What an ingenious way to do this. It actively displays where it is so you can keep track where you are along capturing points. It works well for my situation, granted I already did most of the complex stuff (each crisscrossing airway in Anchorage's airspace). Kinda wish I knew about this and delayed my work..
  5. Useful, nonetheless for those who wants to maintain or develop sector files. The last time I tried to manually convert them by just adding the amount of degrees to the other side of the IDL, it turned out like this....
  6. If custom symbol sizes are a bit hard, is it easier to make the symbols sizeable?
  7. That would definitely be useful. Right now I'm using VRC to do it and manually mass converting it to ISO format
  8. Is there a possibility to have airway labels automatically exist in between fixes along the airway, whether they're text or symbols? I'm currently doing it by hand and getting a lat/lon in between each fix. Mine are the blue square boxes. I believe VRC/ES has this feature.
  9. Another request related to the aircraft symbol. I made an aircraft symbol and was hoping it would orientate the way the aircraft is headed like in EuroScope. Also related to headings, datablock colors based on eastbound/westbound headings
  10. I'm looking in Navigraph now. I'm assuming VatSys uses FSBuild parsed data? If so, how do I install it?
  11. I am a little confused on what needs to be in the Sectors and Volumes.xml when building my facility. I've looked at several other data sets and it seems like the data is "in house" sector data or intrafacility? I'm getting this error when trying to do mine.
  12. Like the aircraft symbols, it would be nice to customize map symbols too! Same logic too!
  13. You're the best! I don't want to turn this forum into a feature request ridden one!
  14. I'm looking to alternatives to maximize the amount of colors. Are the map types tied to a specific format of children data being entered? Ie., Type = "Filled" requires infills and cannot be just line elements? Or any of the Ground_.. types?
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