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  1. Hi all, I've tried AFV last saturday afternoon and was very powerfull. But this evening every 5 minutes I get disconnected, so I had to leave my ATC book. I was on LFML_APP on 131.220 from 2000z to 2030z Any ideas ? Kind Regards Gaëtan PETIT
  2. Hello everybody, Just one question: How work the predefined taxi routes and in what situation can I use it? What produced effects are shown on screen (line, dot)? Sincerly
  3. Hi everybody, I've seen that you need airports and gates coordinates. I can made that list for french airports. What kind of file do you want? .txt? .csv? Bye ---------- Member of french VACC
  4. Thank you, I want I want to take a VACC in France. Just a question: Which software is recomandé for being ATC (VRC or Euroscope). What's to be done when we start one of its software? Thank you in advance
  5. Hello, I'm new in Vatsim and I am in VATEUD. But I can't know my VACC. Thank you in advance.
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