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  1. vSTARS and vERAM are my primary clients. I welcome the change and agree with the "tower" mode. What does this look like from a facility engineering perspective? Creating a vSTARS facility for every single towered airport is going to be cumbersome and overwhelming. Could there be a way to allow FEs to import an SCT2 into a combined "all minor airports" vSTARS facility on "easy/towered" mode?
  2. Note that real world US domestic VFR flight plans are not sent to ATC. They are filed for search and rescue purposes. (You actually call the local flight service station to file and activate/open a VFR flight plan.) So, if you want to add a touch of immersion/realism, when you are flying VFR in the US, do not file a VFR flight plan. When departing a Class D airport, call ground with your location, aircraft type, departure direction and ready to taxi with current ATIS. When departing Class C, Class B or TRSA, also give your destination and desired VFR cruise altitude. You will
  3. I subscribe to "it takes two to tango" for two reasons: First: In the US, on an ARTCC level, it's easy to see when which ARTCC you're in. Use IFR charts, VATTASTIC or VATSpy. Contact the appropriate CTR 20 miles before the border. If there are multiple CTR sectors online, call one and be sure to state your position and altitude. That'll make it easy to switch you if needed. I put the onus for initial contact on the pilot when they need to be in touch with CTR. The borders in the US are generally clearly defined. Please use your charts and pay attention. Second: On, the other hand,
  4. In the U.S., you do not have to file a flight plan. In fact, in real world operations, you don't file a flight plan for closed traffic. An example closed traffic call: "Van Nuys Ground, N12345 at general aviation ramp, request closed traffic. Ready to taxi with information alpha." That's it.
  5. To be clear, ZLA is staffed to focus support ONT and SAN.
  6. I would not say a pilot is entitled to land on their predetermined runway. While the pilot is in charge of one aircraft, a lone CTR controller has multiple airports and multiple aircraft. A change in arrival runways can mean unnecessary workload for the controller. And, it can mean delays for other aircraft. That’s because landing on a non-standard runway means changing sequencing and timing to ensure aircraft don’t conflict. I understand that it can be difficult to reprogram the STAR once already set. It’s also a bear to redo an arrival plan for multiple planes because a pilot insists
  7. On a facility with multiple radar sites, when I select a single site (one ASR with 60 NM range), secondary returns of aircraft detected by other radar sites appear. I hadn't noticed this before. Is this intended functionality? vSTARS v1.1.8
  8. Hit CTRL+S to bring up the settings window and adjust your flight strip settings.
  9. I’ve seen a CTRD with ARSR sites listed. Now, sure they don’t use it as primary, but it is available. I wonder if fusion includes updates from ARSR sites. So, you’re saying in VATREAL ERAM all updates are 12 seconds? Wouldn’t it be good if CTR controllers could utilize ASR sites? When a TRACON is closed, CTR could take advantage of a faster radar source for approach vectors.
  10. I just reproduced it by restarting vSTARS, connecting to the channel on HS and RX. Disconnected from the channel. Attempted to connect again by hitting HS. Crash. Tried also by using RX first then hitting HS and crash.
  11. This happens when I'm observing (and sometimes controlling) and I switch off a frequency and then back. It specifically occurs when I hit the HS/LS selector button on the channel. I have to close vSTARS and restart. vSTARS v1.1.7.0 Windows 8 See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.ArgumentException: Specified voice channel does not exist. at ch.h(Int32 A_0) at co.a(Object A_0, EventArgs A_1) at fx.c() at fx.e(MouseEventArgs A_0) at fx.l(Object A
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