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  1. Tim, I really wish you would have given ZNY a chance to respond to the feedback you sent via our website. The event was less that 24 hours ago. We did see your feedback, we greatly appreciate it, and we had planned on responding to you directly, but I guess we owe an explanation on the forums now as well. First off, let me start off by telling you that you did absolutely nothing wrong. You should have been cleared via the amended route WHITE J209 SAWED, which was required for traffic demand at JFK, and via the JFK2 Breezy Point Climb. This is a non-rnav cable departure procedure and ro
  2. Fixed some of the issues mentioned above! Now you can accept the PDC and do not need to read back the clearance. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. CPDLC is a different system than PDC. In the real world, the CPDLC system is mainly used for oceanic communications in replace of HF radio communications. PDCs are received via ACARS and so regardless of whether your system is CPDLC capable or not, if it has ACARS, then it can receive a PDC. That is neither here nor there though. Your true question is the readback. The readback requirement simulates a real world New York specific procedure that requires a pilot read back the climb and squawk code due to the complexity of clearances and airspace. Remember the primary purpose of PDCs are fo
  4. The text limit was just one reason why vZNY decided not to go through private message. There are a many more reasons mentioned above. But Davor does bring up an excellent point, you can still receive a voice clearance in lieu of the PDC. This is true on VATSIM and this is true in the real world as well. Just ask for a voice clearance instead or say, "unable PDC."
  5. Chris, I have already replied to why private message PDCs are not possible at vZNY. In regards to your other issues, we ARE looking into them with great interest. Thank you for the feedback.
  6. Chris, there is a page to view all current PDCs and it is mobile friendly. http://nyartcc.org/pdc/all In regards to sending the PDCs without request... we will take it under advisement. Perhaps it is something that will change in the future.
  7. One final thought Chris that I forgot to mention. You asked what the benefit of the system is? The added benefit of PDCs is simple. For Controllers: - It decreases frequency congestion and mitigates errors. - If we change a procedure internally, the PDC system automatically reflects that change. - The PDC system automatically derives a lot of the data to ensure accuracy. It looks at a number of different factors to determine a correct clearance. This lessens the amount of work a controller has to do. For Pilots: - It provides a text clearance that is printable. - It keeps thi
  8. Chris, thanks for taking the time to leave feedback in regards to our PDC software. We like getting feedback about it, so improvements can be made when possible. When designing the PDC software, we did investigate a number of different "issues" that may be deemed problematic by pilots. We considered the full screen issue and the possible inconvenience [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with it. What it came down to, however, is the benefit of having the PDCs on our website outweighed the negative aspects. Let me briefly explain why. When looking at the way virtual Atlanta ARTCC does it, I e
  9. The New York ARTCC is pleased to announce the release of our long anticipated Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) software. This is arguably the most realistic and fully functional PDC software on VATSIM. Come depart JFK, EWR, LGA, PHL, TEB, or HPN in the next few weeks when there are controllers online and you will experience the new software for yourself! Go to http://nyartcc.org/prc and scroll to the bottom of the page to read a training module on the software and how it works!
  10. Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes to train VATSIM controllers? Here is a little taste of how we do it at New York. General New York traffic (VRC DSR mode) A general overview of New York traffic for this simulation. Working JFK traffic (VRC DSR mode) Running the 4s at Kennedy. LENDY, IGN, CCC, CAMRN, and even one Oceanic arrival can be seen here. Notice the sharp 90 degree turn the Oceanic arrival is going to have to make to join the CAMRN flow. Also observe the LENDY and IGN merge point to the north, lots of 90 degree turns in the JFK sector. NOTE: Even though BLR113's
  11. I will send you the uplink.txt I have created for our ARTCC. Hopefully you can determine if this is the best way of creating preloaded clearances.
  12. Do you have to manually add the aircraft to the list like a demo aircraft to use CPDLC without them logging in? EDIT you just answered it. I got it, thanks.
  13. I guess I haven't used this enough... I wasn't aware you could reply via CPDLC if you only got a Telex. Doesn't the pilot have to request login to be displayed on your plane list? This is useful for one individual controller, but we need a preloaded set of clearances for all of our controllers to use for standardization and ease of use. The fact that I can transfer "uplink.txt" to other controllers makes the world of difference because now they have a standard set of clearances to use. If you created a way to preload Telex messages that I could transfer to other controllers, then
  14. Jeroen, So should we be doing the PDCs via Telex? I know the initial PDC request comes in via Telex, but I honestly rather have the pilots connect to CPDLC. I cannot modify or have preloaded messages via Telex and this is VERY undesirable. At ZNY, we have SWAP routes and many other modifications that we would like to have at our disposal. Using CPDLC, I can program those modifications into the UPLINK.TXT file. I can send you my modified UPLINK.TXT if you are interested to see what I am talking about. The formatting issues of CPDLC that you speak of, are you talking about the max charac
  15. Never mind, I figured it out. You have to go to "uplink.txt" and modify it.
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