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  1. Robert, I just downloaded both versions, plugin and java, and sounds are not working. When using ES plugin after time is over I got standard windows sound and in java version there are no sounds at all. I've double checed, I have sounds (.wav) both in java version start folder and in Euroscope sounds folder - however I have nonstandard path to ES sound folder (d:\Dysk Google\EuroScope Dane\Sounds). Any chance to fix it? Pozdrawiam, Zulus
  2. Hello Charan, You don't need a plug-in. There is a tag editor in ES and it's well docomeented in the Wiki. You can adjust tags to whatever you need... MJZ
  3. Hello, Thanks Todor. Yes, I had found that post before I've posted here. I'm using a release version of the plug-in. The sole thing I've not tried from that post is: Sorry, I'm not a professional developer, I have no idea what are policies and manifest, so I don't understand what, from where and to where should I copy. MJZ
  4. Hello, Sorry, it's not so easy I've developed a plug-in using MS Visual C++ 2010 Express edition. PROBLEM It works fine - but only on the computer which I've used to write it (so with MS Visual C++ Express installed) On my second computer it crashes when I try to load it. Dependency Walker gives: "Error: The Side-bySide configuration information for {my plug-in} contains errors" What I HAVE TRIED: - I've installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package - no success - I've manualy placed files listed by Nils in previous post into the Euroscope main folder -
  5. No, I'm not in the beta team, I use "regular" ES 3.1d. MJZ
  6. Hello, I've tried to develop my first simple ES Plug In. I had no previous C++ knowledge, but I took it as a good oportunity to learn. The plug in is written in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express (I've installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package). I've compiled it without any errors. The problem is that the Plug In won't load ("Failed to load....") I've used the Dependency Walker to check that no DLLs are missing, but I've got another error: Any idea, what could be wrong? Thanks in advance, MJZ
  7. Hello, After examining the ES plugin development posibilies I reached the conclusion that this feature is so great that it's worth to learn C++ for that purpose only Finally one day I will have to learn it, otherwise I will be similar to somoene who doesn't speak English and wants to fly abroad However, due to my very limited knowledeg od C++ development enviroment, I can't understand one thing: the relation between MFC (Microsoft Foundation Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es) and ES plugin. Can someone help me please? My basic question is: is it possible to develop a plug-in without hav
  8. It's long since the last post. I can see the range rings setting item in the symbology window. Does it mean that range rings are now implemented, or just a feature for usage in the future? Thanks in advance, MJZ
  9. It's dedoded on the bottom bar. It's not decoded (presented as 3 letter code) as an airline tag item (which could be used on a list). I would love to have it decoded in both places MJZ
  10. OK, that's what I've supposed. However it would be nice to have it decoded. It's already decoded in the bottom bar, so should be not a big problem for ES. Just a suggestion for the future development... MJZ
  11. Hello, How does the "airline" tag item works exactly? In the Wiki, I've found: (BTW, I think it's a typo, should be ICAO_Airlines) I've expected that it will show the airline full airline name in plain text, decoded from the ICAO_Airlines.txt, but all I see is 3-letter code (the same as 3 first letters of the callsign, so not really usefull). Is something wrong, or should it work that way? I have the ICAO_Airlines.txt loaded and the callsign is decoded on the bottom bar. Best regards, Zulus
  12. Hello, Thanks for a quick answer. The test has been p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed. In fact it's a 3 monitor setup, with two monitors connected to and one to I have absolutely no problem to connect the second instance of ES on to the main instance. Only the third instance on couses problems. But... I've found a work-around. After some tests I've reallized that I can use the second computer ( to connect to VATSIM and host the proxy. The first one has no problem to connect to via proxy... So there is only a prob
  13. Hello, I need some help to make the second copy of ES work on a separate computer, connected via proxy. The Euroscope Wiki page (http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Connection_Features) is not clear for me in that matter. The configuration is: Main ES copy on a computer with static IP - NOTE that it's a Win7 machine without administrator rights (it might be the source of the problem?) Secondary ES copy on computer with static IP (Win XP with full administrator rights) Both computers are in a LAN, behind two routers each (a little bit strange con
  14. Hello, It has been brought to my attention some time ago that the SAS system has a bug which blocks the possibility to advance from screen A4 to A5 for some people who apply for the rating of Supervisor. I'm happy to inform that the SAS developer has found a way to walk around that bug (the bug however has not been eliminated, as we can not track it down). So if anyone is still stuck with his application on A4, please write an e-mail to [email protected] . I will force your application to advance to A5. Best regards, MJZ PS. Please, also people who have reported the bug i
  15. Hello, I have the pleasure to announce that new procedure for applying for the position of VATSIM Supervisor is effective immediately. The procedure consists of following steps: 1. Meeting requirements set up by the BoG 2. Applying online using Supervisor Application System (SAS) 3. Waiting for recommendation from Regional Director (mandatory) and other staff members (optional) 4. Final result of SAS application 5. Waiting for a free place in the Supervisor Team Let me describe it in details. 1. Meeting requirements set up by the BoG The following requirements are hard, no
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