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  1. Hiya The link on the bottom of audio.vatsim.net, which I guess is supposed to redirect to this page is broken, and has been for ages.
  2. We're running on 5.2.4 in VATSIM Scandinavia w/o problems.
  3. That seems to have fixed it, after initial analysis. Thanks, we owe you a beer
  4. Hello folks, One of our mentors-to-be is having issues with opening the simulator (training) dialogue. The icon (in the upper right corner) to open this dialogue doesn't exist. The icon he finds there is the "Resume" button. Please reference the image below for a screenshot of his ES. What we've done to try to solve this issue: Fresh install of ES 3.2 (also tried the latest beta release), no luck. He's using the exact same settings as I am, and we're using the exact same profile (with the exceptions of the CID, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and real names, of course), and h
  5. Hi, In VATSIM Scandinavia we have an issue with the VATSIM SSO on our IPBoard Forums. We have the latest SSO version. Login to the forums via the SSO works, but if the user creates a new session (ie closes their browser and opens a new browser instance to go to our forums), they have to log in again. This isn't a critical issue, but it definitely is an annoying issue for our users. Does anyone have any ideas for what this may be?
  6. Thank you both so much for your efforts, I really appreciate it! You keep doing you! Sincerely, Henrik
  7. Oh God, I'm the stupidest man on Earth... Everything should've been self-explanatory from when I saw Dependency Walker not finding SimConnect.dll (meaning it needs that DLL either in the vPilot directory or in System32). Inside of WinSxS I found a file called SimConnect.dll, and I just copied that over into the vPilot directory. Shouldn't have any more problems with that. A part of me tells me that this is only a short-sighted solution, but whatever. It works for now, I'm happy
  8. I get slightly different output: C:\WINDOWS\system32>cd.. C:\Windows>dir /s /b *SimConnect.* C:\Windows\[Mod - Happy Thoughts]embly\GAC_32\Microsoft.ESP.SimConnect C:\Windows\[Mod - Happy Thoughts]embly\GAC_32\Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect C:\Windows\[Mod - Happy Thoughts]embly\GAC_32\Microsoft.ESP.SimConnect\\Microsoft.ESP.SimConnect.dll C:\Windows\[Mod - Happy Thoughts]embly\GAC_32\Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect\10.0.60905.0__31bf3856ad364e35\Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect.dll C:\Windows\[Mod - Happy Thoughts]embly\GAC_32\Microsoft.Fl
  9. Sorry for spamming, but I found something interesting in Dependency Walker when checking on the microsoft.flightsimulator.simconnect.dll file: https://i.gyazo.com/bce38c12fd3e52b9af953ae6bf95106f.mp4 Am I supposed to have a simconnect.dll in my system32 or vPilot directory?
  10. Yeah, reinstalling the C++ 2005 redist did not work either :\
  11. @Henrik: Do you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package installed and, if so, have you tried performing a repair or reinstall of it? Download for it can be found here. EDIT: Also, you may find a helpful log entry if you open Event Viewer and look in the Application Log. You're likely looking for a "SideBySide" event. Neither EventViewer not Dependency Walker helps much -- Dependency Walker just gives me the errors it usually gives for pretty much all applications ever to have existed on a Windows machine :\ I'll try the C++ 2005 Redist once again and let you know
  12. Yup, that's the part of the error message I've been trying to figure out for the past 8 hours or so. I found out that this probably has something to do with dotnet 3.5 redists, but since the only way to install this in Win10 is to activate it as a Windows Feature, and it was activated from beforehand, I de-activated it, restarted Windows, and re-activated it. And guess what: Nothing happened (other than my PC apparently re-downloading dotnetfx35sp1 from Win Update). I've even tried to manually download dotnetfx35sp1 from Microsoft, opening the executable installer with WinRAR and installin
  13. The version can also be found in the Windows Side by Side-directory (\Windows\WinSxS\):
  14. Mine is identical to yours (in addition to the ESP one, which I'm guessing you didn't incl. in your screencap):
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