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  1. Fine for TWR and some APP positions, but for busy area sectors covering 4/5 airports at least, much harder when it gets busy (London can peak at 30+ pilots on a single small sector in some cases).
  2. There are members that have hearing issues or are deaf. You've also got people that can't use voice because they have sleeping children. You also have new members are who are just getting into the network and are nervous about using voice. I could go on. So you're basically saying "you have a situation that you have no control over, therefore you have no way to find out what other pilots using voice unicom and not posting on text are doing, so get over it and tough luck sunshine". How far will this go to make people feel like they're part of the hobby? The reason always given for not do
  3. With all due respect, this isn't something I can get behind as it seems impossible to police effectively and is likely to deter me from flying. Someone act's like a twit on private message or unicom, great, we've got logged evidence to deal with it (logging recorded voice in any decent codec is going to use up a lot of space, real quick and transcription isn't always accurate). Voice requires not only that someone else *witnesses it* but is also able to identify who said it and make a statement about it. If the current text unicom is anything to go by (and my previous experience on FS
  4. Yeah I get that Ernesto, what I was aiming at is that if IVAO were to pursue this further, surely the content creators effectively admitting it would count against them? That said, I saw on Reddit last night that an announcement regarding the situation was made on IVAO's side of the proverbial fence. I'm not gonna be the one to copy it here, however.
  5. A number of content creators on YouTube have openly admitted to using the MTL however, so it doesn't sound like IVAO will have a hard time pursuing their claims.
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