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  1. My b11 sim crashed after xPilot had been running for about an hour. If LNM is a bit suspect I don’t need to run it while using xPilot, don’t use LNM when flying VFR in VR. Malcolm
  2. I assume my problem was running 1.3.30 with b11. So upgrading everything has sorted it, had xplane and xPilot running for around 2 hours last night. Would have installed latest xPilot but only found about it 15 min before joining a group flight so didn’t want to change anything at the last minute. Thanks for your input. malcolm
  3. Upgraded to rc2 along with LNM , AviTab, MoveVR, ASXP and everything seems fine. Haven’t installed latest xPilot yet though.
  4. I’ve been a bit stuck on b11 as the following ones were a bit iffy and then I went sailing. Have now got r1 in my test environment and will upgrade the other plugins as you suggest. Wasn’t using it last night but I think there’s an update for as4xp also. Will do some testing around Manchester or Gatwick although they don’t like VFR very much, see if I can do a 1 hr plus flight with some ATC, I think I was getting a notification when it actually crashed.
  5. link to log and crash report https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lAPmU2z6OwpJ33iJbC5IIqr_c9QwYDbJ?usp=sharing malcolm
  6. No problem I’ll do it in the morning 23:00 in Uk now.
  7. First time out with the latest xpilot and xplane 11.50 b11 and it crashed on me. Have got the log and crash report. Can't attach a zip, do you want them as pdfs or will extracts do. Malcolm
  8. Happened again twice. May be associated with frequency change.
  9. I am using the latest xPilot alpha and X-plane beta. Four times last night I had to restart xPilot to restore VATSIM audio. The application didn’t crash and I didn’t get any error messages, just noticed that VATSIM went silent and the controller couldn’t hear me. Restarting xPilot fixed each time but it’s not very convenient
  10. Sounds very promising, I’ll give it a try.
  11. Good to get it narrowed down. Need AS more than I need TCAS. Only flying the Just Flight Robin in VR at the moment. Wonder if HiFi are waiting for 11.50 release before updating.
  12. Hi Justin I am indeed running both littlexpconnect and ActiveSky plugins. However disabled TCAS and that seems to have fixed it though I dont understand what disbeling TCAS actually does? Was working fine with both LNM and AS loaded. So all good. Do I need TCAS for VFR flight? Malcolm
  13. still no joy. Did a complete reinstall of 1.3.14 after deleting the folder in AppData and the Plugin. But it crashed x-plane as soon as i logged onto vatsim. Log file available. 0:06:28.958 I/PLG: The plugin xPilot 1.3.14 is setting global TCAS override to 1. 0:06:28.958 xPilot/XPMP2 INFO AIMultiplayer.cpp:583/XPMPMultiplayerEnable: Have control now over AI/Multiplayer planes --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==--
  14. How this? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lAPmU2z6OwpJ33iJbC5IIqr_c9QwYDbJ?usp=sharing
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