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  1. Good point, I didn’t think about that. With waiting times of several months it will take some time until balance between pilots and ATC has reestablished. That will hopefully give us even more opportunities to choose from besides the events. However, as events are usually fully staffed and more controllers won’t create more ATC stations, there probably won’t be any improvement in regards of events.
  2. You're definitely right if you're happy with the current traffic load during events. Without counting every single post in this thread, I would say about half the people commenting here find events are too crowded. For them this is just a killer argument which ends any further discussion. Also I can't really make friends with the thought that the event calender becomes a "where not to fly" calender, at least for me and some others 😃 That's what I'm doing most of the time. Fortunately, there's more and more ATC coverage outside of events and that's great to see. Nonetheless you always n
  3. The term „overload“ is about to become obsolete anyways as more and more events escalate to an „overload“. It‘s all cool that many have experiences and examples that waiting in line with 10 other aircrafts at the holding point, but that seem to be just examples. I personally can’t say that I experience horrendous delays on a regular basis in the real world. There are tons of reasons for delays, but a sudden and unexpected rise in traffic loads is barely one of them. also „don’t fly to events if they’re too crowded“ isn’t really an argument for the issue and I assume that’s also not t
  4. A week ago I was flying during the weekly "Frankfurt Friday" event. I don't know how many pilots there were when I arrived, but my TCAS showed a ton of people on the approach (talking just about one of two landing Runways). I was very surprised how smooth, calm and without any delay or holding everything went. The load on the frequency was just fine, even with some room for more traffic. Apparently one of the reasons was the extreme amount of controllers that day. I remember there were 5 approach, 5 ground, 4 tower (one for each rwy) and even at least 2 delivery controllers. That's something y
  5. Great too see how many people give their opinion on that topic. I hope my initial post didn't offend anybody. We barely see the work behind every event, but I'm sure everybody who takes part in organising such events does a great job. And of course the controllers are doing an outstanding job in 99% of the time. I couldn't take all that stress. Looking at the charts, most ATC positions that exist in real life are also open on VATSIM if there's an event (at least pretty often). So I think there's not much space in creating more capacity in regards of ATC staff. I didn't even kno
  6. Glad I'm not the only one with that impression. I just felt it was never really addressed - or at least I've never seen this topic being addressed. That would be a great solution for everybody if you know what to expect and if you have at least to opportunity to avoid insane delays. Still there must be somebody to judge when to delay the pilots without slots which can't be the controller themselfs. They simply can't figure out all the time if alle frequencies of the airport (or even the whole citylink route) have some capacities left for them. I don't see that on a regular basi
  7. Hi fellow simmers, usually I'm just reading and sometimes posting in the VATSIM Germany Forum, but I think that's a better place for this topic. I started flying on VATSIM in 2013 and was flying online on the other network for quite some time before. Seeing that more and more people join VATSIM or start flying again makes me happy and I appreciate that growth, especially in COVID and MSFS times. However, I also see some negative effects with this amount of pilots flying without any regulation in terms of traffic load. I had a VATSIM break that lasted about 2 years and ended in t
  8. Hello, I had this issue on several flights now and it is just frustrating all the time. Why are controllers allowed to control a sector which covers nearly the whole UK? In my opinion sectors like LON_W_CTR or LON_S_CTR have the right size to handle the traffic in these sectors, but more or less every controller who controlled LON_SC_CTR or even LON_CTR couldn't handle all the traffic there. They really do a good job on the frequency, but they just forgot some aircrafts with the time. When I'm on the ground it takes ages until I can request my clearance. When I'm in the air I always miss the
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