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  1. I noticed that when I am using the Ixeg 733 and Xpilot together the radio comms do not seem to connect. I'm not sure what is causing the disconnect here, but I have successfully used both of the programs together in the past.
  2. I am running into a new issue with the ixeg 733 and xpilot. As shown in the screenshot my radio comms are blank. I have the radios on as well as my mic, but xpilot seems to think the aircraft is still powered off with no radios.
  3. Hello, My xml config becomes corrupted quite often which requires a reinstall everytime this happens. Any idea what causes this?
  4. Hello I am having an issue with both the toggle key and the keep window visible options. Neither of them seem to work for me. I double checked my key bindings as well and there is no conflict with xplane. Anyone have a solution for these issues? Full screen or windowed doesn't seem to make a difference either.
  5. Okay I am not sure what is causing it. I do notice these issues with vpilot running P3D as well.
  6. I am having some issues with the audio on xpilot after the latest update. I keep having major audio clipping and stutters when people are talking on the radio. I did recently install Process L[Mod - Happy Thoughts]o and there is not stuttering within the sim itself. Any ideas what may be causing this?
  7. I noticed that flights going Southwest over Europe (EGLL/London area to Spain/Portugal) fly at odd altitudes whereas a flight going in the same direction in the US would be at an even altitude (FL320, FL340, FL360, etc.) Are the RVSM rules different in the UK/Europe? It caught me off guard as I am not used to flying in Europe on Vatsim.
  8. I've been having issues receiving audio since I installed xsquawbox. With some controls I can hear everyone on freq clear as day, othertimes there is no audio on freq at all. I have both volume selectors maxed out and there is still no sound sometimes. I'm not using a USB headset, but rather just regular headphones plugged into the jack.
  9. I think its time to discover paradise again [that is only virtually unfortunately ] but Its get kind of boring to fly solo across the pacific. I have been using my Level D 767 to fly there so far. I dont really understand this sub forum to well. But if anyone would like to fly across to hawaii let me know. I typically will depart from any number of west coast cities ( Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, SFO, Seattle, Portland, etc.)
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