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  1. 1) Which version of VRC you have. The version can be found by choosing "About VRC..." from the Help menu. 1.2.6 2) What operating system you are using, such as Windows XP Home, XP Professional, Windows 2000, etc. Indicate what locality your computer uses. (English, German, etc.) Windows 10 Home, version 1903, build 18362.900 3) Your CPU brand and speed, such as "AMD Athlon 64 3800" Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00GHz 4) The amount of system memory (RAM) in your computer, such as "512 Megabytes" 16GB 5) The brand and model of your video card, such as "ATI Rad
  2. At approximately 0345z, 15 minutes before our FNO was scheduled to end, the VATSIM USA-C2 server unexpectedly split from the rest of the network. When this happened, 3 of our most important controllers were kicked off the network and unable to reconnect. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were already short by a few controllers, making it impossible for the remaining controllers to cover the positions which were now unstaffed. Upon discussion at ZLA, we decided that we would not be able to provide an acceptable level of service to the remaining aircraft and the decision was made to
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