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  1. You're very welcome to Turkish Airspace - where you will find the most friendly controllers out there. Come join us on 30th August between 1700z-2100z when we will be celebrating our Victory Day's 98th year anniversary. We will be serving you full ATC service between 1700z-2100z at LTAC & LTAI & LTBJ and the whole of the mighty city, Istanbul! Recommened Routings and Flight Levels: LTAI - LTFJ = EKSEN UL610 ETAMP / FL320/340 LTAI - LTFM = EKSEN UM855 SISPI / FL320/340 LTAI - LTBA = EKSEN M855 SISPI / FL260/280 LTAC - LTFJ = UMRUN G8 TOKER / FL240/260 LTA
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