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  1. Hello Csernak, I've been using the EuroScope 3.1d for a long time and I really appreciate the effort you have put in this software, and I wanna thank you for your brilliant behavior in responding the needs users have told you during these years in V3.2 it's for a couple of days I am using v3.2 and I enjoyed it a lot. it sorts many needs of my training session and in control which was not in the previous version. But, for the Off-line Simulator, a questions pops in my mind as soon as I saw you have separated the FSD server. Cause I am ATC Training Director of VATME Division an
  2. Iran vACC is looking for applications of those who are interested in taking the positions of ATC and Pilot training Management ATC Training Manager: Primary Responsibilities: 1- Manage Trainings for ATC students 2- To have P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion to develope ATC quality and motivating students to progress to achive ATC rates 3- Monitoring the performance of ATC staffs and evaluating the quality of control in random positions 4- To prepare skilled ATC team for Events and weekly flights Skills: 1- Holding at least a C1 ATC rating (CTR Controller) 2- Be a
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