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  1. Hello, This might have come up in past discussion, so forgive me I looked but didn't see it. So is it possible in the near future to make it so that UNICOM is voice and text. I think that would work out great for both the text pilots and the pilots who prefer using voice. I would like to get your opinions and please think about what you say before posting. Thanks!
  2. So I am controlling approach at Orlando and I update to the latest version of vATIS and I go to put up ATIS and I select the the ATIS letter then preview it and it crashes it does not even but the atis message in the box. ============================================================================== vATIS, Version=1.0.7166.38666, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Program : C:\Users\Melvin\AppData\R
  3. yes I do I have it all configured but the voice server I am using is voice.zlcartcc.com any specific voice server I should try? Cause when I tried it this time it was working for like 3-5 min then it started to break up when they were reading back.
  4. will do and I think i found out why because of the amount of NOTAMS oops
  5. Hello I know its not just me but when using vstars I have my voice server set but when im speaking aircraft can hear me but I cannot hear the aircraft. Why is this?
  6. I will try something else and see if I have something else
  7. I was controlling Approach at MCO and everytime I acknowledge an ATIS change it crashes regardless if I have running reguarly or as admin and the window that comes up is to debug or end program. Any reason why it does this?
  8. When I was testing out vSTARS in sweatbox and it kept giving me UDP not initialized! why is this
  9. now the subscribe feature that is only for the controllers or can the pilot do it as well just wondering
  10. if I don't it crashes if I switched facilities but if I run it as admin its fine.
  11. Yes there as it crashed again well it did a fatal error and this is is what it gave me: ============================================================================== vATIS, Version=1.0.7152.33043, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Program : C:\Users\Melvin\AppData\Roaming\vATIS\vATIS.exe Time : 21/08/2014 02:01:01 OS : Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Culture
  12. Sometimes the program will go for about a few hours then crash unexpectedly. I do not know why this if the program should be ran as an admin or what any possibilities or fixes you think I should try?
  13. Well how do I go about creating my own voice server on squawkbox?
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