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  1. Hi y'all, I can only add two things to Chris's comments... 1. I don't think we will instantly gain custom 3-d airports in 850. We will gain the POTENTIAL to have 3-d detailed airports in 8.50, but how fast we get them depends on how fast these technologies are adopted. Jonathan Harris has provided some great tools - hopefully once 850 is out I can get ot writing some tools too. 2. In my experience X-Plane runs pretty efficiently...but tuning the settings make a big difference...so if you're using MSFS and try the default x-plane demo, you may want to experiment with the settings,
  2. Yeah -- if you hadn't upgraded in a while, you missed 830, which is where all that speed comes from. StuffIt Expander is the bane of our existence - it comes in multilple versions and each one does its own weird thing to zip files. For future reference: starting with 840 you can just pick an update button in the about box, so when 850 comes out it'll be a lot simpler. *CheerS* Ben
  3. Hi, InsMac110.zip should be 1,782,484 bytes. If it is not, then your download failed - please try again, or use a different browser or refresh the download. If it is that long, use BOMArchiveHelper (the native OS X) tool to unzip it, and it should work. *cheers* Ben
  4. Hi, The problem is that the older installer (108) didn't set your file permissions properly. The simplest thing to do is to (1) delete the 5 apps (x-plane, worldmaker, planemaker, briefer, airfoil maker), then use installer 110 to re-install, fetching the 5 apps correctly. Now regarding installer 110, it's available as a ZIP file, right? What program did you use to unzip it? *Cheers* Ben
  5. Hi, What happens when you double-click X-Plane 840? What OS are you using? What version of the installer did you use to update? If you remove XSB does it go away? In the future please email X-Plane Tech Support (info at x-plane.com) - Randy can help you resolve your upgrade problems. But I will help you iron out this one. *Cheers* Ben
  6. Hi Y'all, Just a few notes: - These are mostly pre-release shots...so there may be a few artifacts in there that hopefully aren't in the final ones. For actual production shots see http://www.xsquawkbox.net/scenery/gallery.php - These were taken on a 1.8 ghz dual G5 with a Radeon 9600XT 256 MB and 1.25 GB of RAM. That's a pretty beefy system for a Mac, but not a true monster. In a lot of cases the framerate is low because I've overextended my settings to get a good screenshot. In the gallery link above are some shots both at very high and lower settings; we've designed the new
  7. Hi Mario, In my experience X-Plane works equally well on equivalent platforms, but when are two machines ever equivalent? In particular, Mac users who have an old 800 mhz G4 with Radeon 9200 will say it works better on the other guy's 3 ghz Windows box with Radeon 9700. There are Macs that run X-Plane very well, but they are not cheap. Video drivers are also an issue, especially on Linux, where you can only get hardware acceleration for nVidia hardware, not ATI. Generally Intel HW will give you more performance for your $ than Mac, that's just an Apple pricing thing...PCs are made b
  8. Y E S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! X-Plane runs for: Windows Macintosh Linux XSquawkBox runs on all 3 too. *Cheers* Ben
  9. We're pretty serious about maintaining scenery compatibility to the greatest extent possible. The scenery format's been pretty stable since version 6.25. Regarding what's been released: - V8 ships with preliminary version 8 US scenery, as well as the global scenery from V7. - We will have a complete V8 overhaul of the world soon. Airport detail is high on our priority list (but will not be part of the global scenery release; it will probably be part of some kind of smaller free upgrade). But you don't have to wait! If you have a PC, check this out: http://www.fsimp.com/
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