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  1. It is with a bit of sadness that I publicly announce what Terry Scanlan has told a number of you in private. After 16 years of serving VATSIM in one leadership capacity or another, Terry has made the decision to retire from his position as VATGOV2 and enjoy more time flying and controlling. He’s literally been a part of VATSIM since day one and we can all look forward to seeing him in the virtual skies with greater frequency in the months to come. The BoG has elected Steven Cullen as the new VP, Operations. He and Terry will be turning over responsibilities over the next few days, but e
  2. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I'm pleased to announce that Peter Nielsen has been selected as the new Vice President, Regions (VATGOV4). Peter comes to the BoG from his long-time position as Division Director for VATEUD. All members of the BoG and the Executive Committee are excited about his selection and look forward to working with him. Well done! Dave
  3. The USA-C server is back up and functioning. While the attack is still in progress, we have taken steps to counteract it and protect the server. All services on that server are restored. Dave
  4. The USA-C server (which also hosts http://www.vatsim.net) has been under a Distributed Denial of Service attack for the last few hours. Luca is actively working the problem. We are also capturing log files of where the attack is coming from so that appropriate action can be taken. While the one server is down (which impacts the http://www.vatsim.net website and its part of the data feed), the network itself is functional on remaining servers. People using a tool like Servinfo can get a current network picture by simply pressing the shift key and then the VATSIM button to load data wit
  5. I'm pleased to announce that Anders Henriksen has released the 2010 update for the Servinfo program, reflecting numerous ATC, airspace and VA changes. You can download the patch from the VATSIM Servinfo forum Post. Many thanks to Anders for his hard work and contribution to the network. Well done! Dave
  6. The Board of Governors is pleased to announce the appointment of Deepan Mehta as Regional Director for the Asian Region. Deepan brings extensive experience to the position and we welcome him to the position and the EC. He has been an active member of VATSIM since 2001 and presently serves as the Division Director of VATSIM India and as the DCRM for the division. In addition, he has a variety of virtual airline experience including creating Virtual Air India. Deepan's background and experience make him an exceptional candidate for the challenges created by the many languages and cultures
  7. William Woo has stepped down as Director of the Asia Region and the BoG is soliciting applications for his replacement. Details on the position and how to apply can be found in the vacancy announcement.
  8. William Woo has stepped down as the Regional Director for VATSIM Asia due to real-world commitments. We thank him for his efforts and wish him good luck in the future. With that vacancy, the Board of Governors is soliciting applications to fill the position of VATSIM Asia Regional Director. The Regional Director is a full voting member of the Executive Committee. Reviews, monitors, develops, implements changes to the overall VATSIM system with a particular focus on the Asia region to achieve optimum efficiency and interest. Interacts with the Members of the Board of Governors, Executiv
  9. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I am pleased to announce that Jeff Turner has been appointed to the role of Vice President, Supervisors - VATGOV11. Jeff has been a contributing member of the VATSIM and flight simulation communities for years, serving in a variety of roles. Please join me in welcoming Jeff to the Board of Governors where I know he will help take VATSIM and our hobby to a higher level. We also thank Bill Alderson for his years of service to VATSIM culminating in his recent stint as VP, Supervisors and hope that he will now have additional free time to enjoy the ne
  10. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I am pleased to announce that Kyle Ramsey has been appointed to the role of Vice President, Pilot Training - VATGOV14. Kyle has been covering the responsibilities of VATGOV14 for an extended period of time while also fulfilling his duties is Vice President, VAs and SOAs (VATGOV9). He is responsible for development of the Pilot Rating System currently in test and his shift to the VATGOV14 position will allow him to dedicate his efforts to bringing the Pilot Rating System to fruition. It is with great regret that I announce that Bill Alderson has r
  11. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I am pleased to announce that William Alderson has been appointed to the role of Vice President, Supervisors - VATGOV11. Bill is no stranger to the network, having been a part of the online flight simulation community since the old SATCO days and the start of VATSIM. He has been the Divisional Conflict Resolution Manager in USA for many years giving him a unique understanding of the conflict resolution system and the role Supervisors play on the network. As a BoG member, Bill must step down from his position as DCRM for USA. VATUSA members can e
  12. The Board of Governors is pleased to announce the appointment of Juan Espinoza as Regional Director for the South America Region. Juan brings significant VATSIM experience to the post having most recently served as a Supervisor Team Leader, South America [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant DCRM and a controller in the Chilean FIR. The BoG looks forward to working with him. Juan -- Congratulations and welcome! all the best, Dave
  13. Frank, That is not part of the real-world NOTAM, that is VATSIM policy and applies anywhere in the world. People can't just jump on and control...All of the airspace is carved up and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to virtual FIRs/ARTCCs. We do create new ones all the time...once enough people are interested and willing to join/create the new ARTCC so that it can function and be viable. To date that has not happened with Kosovo...so it remains part of the overlying ARTCC. You are doing a great job of throwing out a lot of bombs for someone with limited time on VATSIM and apparently equa
  14. OK folks, clearly a case where people are trying to debate this in the forums and trying to allude to things that I a guess I'm too obtuse to figure out. One of the things I did in response to this thread was review all the NOTAMS (real world) myself. I then contacted Kyp as it appeared the only part of the policy which was NOT still in effect was the NATO airspace closure. Kyp then sent me the NOTAM that showed it is still in effect. If we remove all the wording and cut it to the bare bones, the current policy says two things: (1) If people file with BKPR, they don't receive ATC se
  15. OK, I think there is now some confusion over the ICAO identifier issue. Some facts (vice the uninformed speculation I am reading) may help address this: 1. There are presently two ICAO identifiers for the airport in question. 2. In the real world, use of one of those identifiers means there will be no ATC service provided by a specific FIR. 3. The procedures dealing with this identifier situation on VATSIM are IDENTICAL to the real-world procedures. The applicable NOTAM wording is: As of today, those NOTAMS are in effect. Now there is no question that part of the reas
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